Have you been able to overcome emotional eating?

If you’ve figured out how to avoid or overcome emotional eating please let me know what you’ve done… any little piece of advice will help. Some examples people have given me are that they have become more mindful eaters, they learned to deal with their stress, they recognized that they eat when bored and lonely. What did you do or are you doing now that seems to be working? Are you willing to share? Thanks in advance for your help!


Those all sounds like sound advice. I have helped clients with emotional eating. Usually, it is from something early in their childhood or an event of substance that effected their relationship with food. If you think back to the root cause of when your relationship changed with food, or if you can pinpoint a time that you noticed you were emotionally eating, put yourself back in that place and see if you can resolve it. It’s those feelings that usually trigger emotional eating.
You at least know you have a unhealthy response by emotionally eating. That’s a huge win.
I always ask my clients to journal their feelings when they are triggered to emotionally eat. Sometimes putting words on paper and being able to see a pattern or release those feelings can help you make better decisions, plus it will keep you busy instead of eating. It’s hard to eat and journal at the same time.

Honestly, keeping busy and drinking a lot of water really help me. Still, I notice that if I am under a lot of stress or am feeling tired…I will totally eat even when I’m not full. Plus social eating can be difficult, but I have also learned to look at the menus before going out somewhere so I can easily make better, healthier choices and still enjoy the camaraderie of eating out with my friends, family, and co-workers.

Hello Michelle!

I am a Physician & Weight Loss Coach.

I help women to lose their mental weight in order to create an extraordinary life and, ultimately, lose body weight Permanently.

Emotional Eating is one of the main struggles my clients have.

Emotional Eating is not about figuring out how to avoid it or overcome it…It’s about learning how to manage your mind and your emotions. It’s about the relationship with yourself.

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Look into Intuitive Eating I’ve heard it is helpful.

Emotional eating is important to understand at the source…very often it has little to do with food and everything to do with understanding why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling. Having ways to hold yourself accountable to the small goals you set yourself daily is extremely important because unless you have accountability and understanding of the deep-rooted reasons why emotional eating is happening, it will be extremely difficult to make long-term lifestyle shifts.

I work with women who struggle with hypothyroidism, so I’m extremely familiar with emotional eating habits that are very tough to break until there’s accountability and clear steps towards progress that are in place. Feel free to message me if you need any support or help :slight_smile: