Have fun, make money and make a difference!

I want to introduce you to an opportunity to change your life. If you have about 30-45 minutes I will talk to you about the Life subscription App that will allow you to earn immediate cash back on your everyday purchases, deep discounts on travel, $30 monthly trip credits towards dream vacations, discounts on shopping, coupons, education on finances and personal development, and so much more! Simply put, this application with help you. Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference!

The App is intended to provide you with the tools to make educated decisions about your finances in order to provide you with the platform to make informed decision. In addition, once you are connected with the community I will provide you with several other resources such as a way to eliminate your mortgage and student loan debt in a fraction of the time.

Hi Shanta,

Since the intent of the TalkTime platform is to give potential customers & clients a place to find all the relevant information up-front that they need so they don’t have to ask about the basic stuff, would you mind describing what the application is and how the benefits work?

I just provide some additional information. However, in order to get an in-depth overview of the Life App. It is very beneficial to join a Zoom meeting. I have several going this week just message me your information and I will give you any additional information you may need. Thanks!