Gratitude is the Attitude

We often talk about what the devil is doing in our life, “I am broke”, “No one loves me”, “I have all these bills”. I think its time that we speak about what the creator is doing in our life.

There are so many things to be grateful that we often overlook. How many times are you thankful for life, like really grateful? Are you grateful for the trees, without them you wouldn’t be alive to read this post. When we are grateful we are blessed with more to be grateful for. And the same goes vice versa when you decide to look at what there is to complain about.

Gratitude can take you a long ways, for example think about the smile you put on a waiter/waitresses face when telling them thank you for the simple things such as a glass of water. What then begins to happen is the service gets a WHOLE lot better. They check up on you more and make sure that you have all you need because you were grateful and did not take their service for granted.

Use the above example and apply it to life, the more you are grateful to life, your creator, you exemplify that you do not take your life for granted. In return you receive better service in life, you will be provided a much happier experience because of so and in return a more peaceful existence.

Peace and Blessings :v:t5:


I challenge all who sees this to write down 3 things they are grateful for below. Ill start first,

  1. I am grateful for love!
  2. I am grateful for my son!
  3. I am grateful to get new clients for my coaching program!
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Great to see your postings! How is everything moving for you? To answer your questions in a great post topic!

  1. I am grateful for appreciation of my kindness and support
  2. I am grateful for I and those of loyalty and dedication
  3. I am grateful for the unwavering commitment to my spirit love and heart.

I love these and it puts things into perspective, I dont think I personally ever been thankful for the way I have been treated, thats a big one!

Thank you for that insight!!!

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Well Sir you should, I really have been trying to pull this into my life as of recently, I have a lot of the opposite or null and void. Sad thing is it’s such a topic that is difficult b/c you can’t make others willingly want to and so expecting it or trying to find those who understand and think in this way is not always simple. It definitely is something I crave though b/c I know it’s part of the right places spaces to be honored to so be able to really grasp HOW to be thankful b/c people or experiences treat you deeply that way.

Your welcome thank you for neat interactive posts I hope to see more and the great lift off of your books and new ventures!

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