Giving up is not an option

Giving up is not an option.
Sometimes as humans we all have our challenge s in life, some of us the trails and tribulations is realistically way more than we can bear, yet we make it out of a no way situation inspite of the odds against us it may seem as if we are tested way more than others, as we about our daily lives, we may face unsurmountable odds against us and it seems to be no way out. I am here to say, hold on!..hold on to what…Hold on to… knowing that you probably been through doubt, troubled, pain, confusion before and through a miracle you will make it through. Don’t give up!! I have been there!..and I know what it is like to have a degree and still be homeless. …Yet, God would not let me give up! Some may not believe and that’s cool…But, I personally lived through some unbelievable situations that I know I could not humanly make it through. Only God!.hmm… So, I conditioned myself to use my unexpected experiences that were painful to strengthen me on all levels… Spiritual Emotional,Mental , Physical, and at the same time balance raising two children at the time…I was homeless and the first shelter
was a Cult…Yes! that I literally had to run from then I lived in a shelters and that’s when I started helping the other homeless women. I earned my respect from the women from all backgrounds and walks of life. I also, became a minister too! Everybody in that camp (Shelter), were saved and delivered! Lol. I wasn’t there to play and I learned so much about myself. .Because, I refused to give up…Not an option. I became a Life Coach, Counselor, Minister, Author of 7 books now and a podcast . Although, I had to take a detour, I used that time to grow and fufill my purpose…which is helping others along my journey. Giving up is Not an option!