Giving martial arts lessons to help find inner peace


Hello, Im an aspiring Martial artist philosopher & personal wellness advisor.growing up my shyness made me a target for bullying which in turn caused me to feel weak & have extremely low self esteem. I discovered my passion for Martial arts in High school with Muay Thai and i haven’t stopped training since! Being someone with Anxiety and Depression Muay Thai taught me how to cope with my personals problems head on and to accept myself completely both spiritually,physically & mentally. My aim is to pass the knowledge that was to given to me on to others to help them improve their lives on EVERY level.

To be brutally honest Im willing to talk & teach for free to those willing to listen…But if you would like to truly study Martial Arts techniques with me on a consistent basis id have to ask for financial compensation.

Thanks for checking my page out! I started my Journey in Martial Arts Training as way to combat my Anxiety. I never knew I would end up becoming fanatical about fitness! Training has shifted my life on a different course from where i was 2-3 years ago, i was living my life aimlessly without any direction…except for “wheres the next party?”.Now that I’m clean from drugs and alcohol ive found a new joy &passion for life.Training Martial Arts has taught me to empower myself so i can teach others how to empower themselves!

Hello, Im Rico im From Washington D.C and Martial arts is my business & passion! Ive been training for 10 years now . Im no one special just someone with a dream to help others better their lives