Frustrated about COVID, yet focused and hopeful

The pandemic has me feeling frustrated about so many things- relationships (with self, family, friends, science, reality, etc.) and at the same time so focused (on work, possibilities and progress.) I am hopeful that the combination of these realities and experiences will lead to good things for all.

My husband is high-risk for complications related to COVID-19, so we have been taking many more precautions than most of the people we know. Overall it’s been great- I decided not to return to my job as an in-person preschool & Yoga teacher and shifted my teaching practice to 100% virtual in July 2020. AMAZING! I now connect with students and families from around the world every day without having to leave my house. My husband, 10yo son and I spend more time together than ever. I have time to work on art projects I’d been “saving” for years…we spend more time out in nature…etc. etc.

In spite of all that’s good…it’s really hard feeling like an outsider in covid-related things; watching friends and family gather during the holidays was especially rough. Watching friends and family deny and/or make light of how seriously we are taking the pandemic is extremely trying…testing all that I know about Yoga-inspired living and mental health.

I hope to support others on this path and will figure out exactly how to do this sometime soon…