From Hopeless to Powerful: Learn to Thrive at Home and at Work

The uncertainty of the pandemic - and the potential aftermath - has so many of us struggling with frustration, irritability and anger, hopelessness, and anxiety.

We’re not living our lives, our lives are living us. We’re not thriving, we’re just surviving. Instead of planning, we’re marking time. How can we change that? And how do we take back control and make sense of the circus that’s happening all around us?

I’m Susan Petang from The Quiet Zone Coaching. I’m a Certified Life Coach, and have been managing, training, mentoring, and coaching corporate teams for 35 years.

I know what it’s like to feel hopeless. The techniques outlined in my webinar, “From Hopeless to Powerful: Thriving in ‘The New Normal’” are what helped me get over the crest of the “hopeless hill” of anxiety and depression when medication and therapy weren’t helping anymore.

If you would like to learn a better way to manage stress and go from frustration to satisfaction, and even ENTHUSIASM for life, contact me at, or visit my website: I have something for everyone, and a sliding scale fee program. No excuses! Let’s get started!