Free Mathematics/Chemistry Tutoring Pre-university Studies 😉$0

Hello all,

I am a recent Chemical Engineering Graduate with a master’s degree. I am currently unemployed as I cannot seem to find a job because of the pandemic. I am just home all day trying to send out my CV. Working in Water or Manufacturing is something I am interested in. There’s nothing more interesting than reading about the current water crisis well asides from the end of the trump presidency. I sincerely hope water companies come up with strong backup plans but it seems more likely that in 20 years from now the impact of water scarcity might be worse than Covid-19.

I need something to do when not sending out job applications. And this will help fill the large gap on my CV since graduating. Working for free is still better than not working at all. I am happy to help with pre-university tutoring in maths. I also studied chemistry and physics in pre-university days. So I can have a look at those subjects too!

Contact me at least 24-48 days before with the topic you need help with or the assignment you need an explanation on. If it is something I can help with, we can schedule a skype/zoom call. Or if it’s a written explanation you need, we can just message on here discussing your topic!


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