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Hi there!
Thanks for checking out my post! I am a new life coach currently going through a coaching program to gain my accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. In order to gain the accreditation, I need a certain amount of coaching hours. Being that I’m new to coaching I am offering 4 free hour-long coaching sessions in order to gain experience!

If there’s an area of your life, (finances, relationships, health, or career) that you feel stuck in, or could use help in discovering the right direction for you to adventure to next!, I’m here to help.

It’s free, you’re helping me and yourself! What’s there to lose?
To learn more about me checkout my website @

Cheers to you and your journey! :milky_way:


Hi! I’m interested!

I’m a bit stuck right now healthwise. I just moved back home to live with my family, and I’m definitely not used to living with relatives after living on my own for so long. And some of the biggest problems are (1) I’m not really allowed to leave the house to go out for walks or exercise, and (2) pretty much all they eat here is fast food, even after I have directly and indirectly told them I want (and need!) more fruits and vegetables in my life. They just shrug, hand me a soda, and tell me not to worry about my weight.

I could use any advice I can get right now. I can’t really afford to move out on my own right now, but my body is craving nutrients.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

Hi Kelsy!
Thank you so much for sharing this with me! Would you be interested in setting up a zoom call to discuss this further?

In the mean time, props for recognizing that this is not the type of lifestyle/diet that your body is asking for. It takes a lot of will power and courage not to be tempted by that type of stuff!
Something else that comes up for me if you haven’t done this already is establishing boundaries. If you haven’t already, it might be helpful to actually sit down with your relatives and honestly and clearly let them know how important maintaining a healthy diet and some form of physical exercise is to you. I know you’ve said that you’ve directly and indirectly told them, but it sounds like they may not be receiving the importance of message. Perhaps delivering the message with a different approach will make it stick. (please know I’m trying my best not to make assumptions based off of what you’ve shared, and a live conversation helps to fill in some gaps and answer some questions I may have.)

I would love to talk with you more via some zoom calls if you’d be interested! If you go to my website you can schedule a “Discovery Call” whenever works for you.

Thanks again for reaching out Kelsy, and I’ll put some high vibes in the field and send them your way!

Hi Renata,

I am a life coach who actually helps develop life coaches and I would be happy to have a free coaching session with you on Zoom.
Just text me at 540-849-5244 and let me know when you’d be available or send me your booking link if you have one.

Carol :slight_smile:

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Hi @Renata I’d be interested in chatting with you If your still open to talking to people. I’m going through some life transitions as well and experiencing some uncertainty and confusion. Can I just schedule on your website?
Best regards,

Hang in there @Kelsy . That sounds like a frustrating and challenging situation but I know you’ve got what it takes to navigate the waters and Renata brings up some good points regarding communication and boundaries. Hoping your family can hear and honor them.
Stay strong, stay true.

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Hi Frank!
Yes please, you can schedule a “Discovery Call” for anytime that’s available and works for you! Looking forward to speaking with you!

Renata Kuhns
:black_small_square:︎ Life Coach | NC/SC Realtor


Hi! I’m interested in your free life coaching sessions. Do you still have spots available?

Hi Nichole!

Yes I still have availability for this!

You can go to to schedule.

Click on “coaching”, scroll down to the bottom of the page and there will be a link to schedule. Go ahead and schedule a “discovery call”.

Look forward to talking with you!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Renata Kuhns
:black_small_square:︎ Life Coach | NC/SC Realtor


You can schedule here! A “discovery call” is 60 min and a “meet me” is 30. Whichever you would prefer!

Here’s my scheduling link!

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Here’s this too!