Fortifying my body with the Wim Hof method

Over the last year or so, I’ve started my journey as a practitioner of the Wim Hof method, and I look forward to reaping the massive long-term benefits to longevity, health, and other benefits it has afforded others. I found out about Wim Hof’s work in 2019, and since then I’ve begun to practice his method of using cold showers, special breath work, and meditative focus to awaken dormant biological mechanisms in the body and cultivate nearly unheard-of health and wellness without any supplements, equipment, or even diet plans; just a pure and simple threefold practice that seeks not to eliminate stress, but to harness it as a resource and a means to achieving greater resilience against so many stressors and diseases that have terrible impacts on people’s health but we are just used to being vulnerable to.

The method has made a big difference for me so far, and I’ve been able to gradually comprehend some of the tremendous depth of why and how the method actually has such deep and long-lasting effects, and gain valuable new insight into the nature of our physiology and how our habituated physical responses dictate so much of how we are (or aren’t) able to deal with stress across the board, as well as how well our bodies can handle attacks on the immune system. If I remember correctly, I’ve only gotten sick twice since I started practicing.

I’ve been a bit sporadic so far in keeping up the daily routine of it, but I hope to make my practice a well-ingrained part of my daily life in the near future, and see how far I can go in cultivating my own wellness from within.

Count this as a sort of testimonial, if you wish, 'cause discovering the Wim Hof method and beginning my practice of it has been one of the most important things I’ve done in the last 10 years.