Former Professional Football Player: I mentor young, athletic men who need direction, discipline and support in their life

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Hi, I’m Coach Smith from Trenton, New Jersey. I’m a high school football coach, personal trainer, sport specific personal trainer ( specializing in working with defensive backs and wide receivers) and mentor to young athletes. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get into shape but have fun while doing it. I will share my experiences both good and bad during our training. The atmosphere will be fun, so much fun you won’t even know we are training.

Former professional football player. Defensive Back/ Wide receiver. High School football coach, personal trainer and mentor.


Training with me is not mandatory, it’s just an option. What’s important to me is just finding people who can relate to my story or who knows someone who is dealing with a similar situation. Just reaching out and helping, whether it’s physically or mentally. That is my goal.

If your not looking for training, just simply want to seek out advice. Feel free to direct message to set up 1 on 1 consultation.

Private 1-on-1

  • Price: $40 / hour
    $120/ month (once a week)
    $240/ 3months (once a week)
    Group training
    $25/ a person/ 4 or more

There will be two FREE sessions. The first session will consist of a formal introduction and a assessment on endurance, muscular fitness and flexibility.

Payment accepted: PayPal or Zelle

Direct message me if interested.

  • Location: Zoom, FaceTime, phone or a
    designated location.

Assistant football coach 2019-present
Trenton, NJ

In my words

This is my story and there is a lot of personal information that I decided to disclose. I feel the need to put this out because there is someone that needs to hear this. I’m not a professional writer so I choose to record it and my recording is no better than my writing but here is my story raw and uncut. PG-13
#30 Hamilton Colts 1991

#22 Hamitlon Redskins 1993

#3 Valley Forge military academy & college 1999-2001

#23 Northeastern Huskies 2001-2003

Part 1

Personal trainer 2008-present

#36 Baltimore Ravens (preseason)2003

#41 Oakland Raiders (practice squad)2004

Greenbay Packers (practice squad)2005

Allocated to NFL Europe 2005-2006

Part 2

Arizona Rattlers#9 (arena football)2007-2008

Part 3

Mentorship is free, its part of the training. I just want to give away the knowledge I gained and share some of the experiences I had during, before, and after my football career.

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