Former Pro Basketball/ Now Life Coach/Mentor

My name is Travis Garrison, I attended DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville,MD, I was a McDonald’s All-American, I went to play four years at the University of Maryland. I played professionally for 13 years. I retired to pursue my passion to help other students athletes throughout their journey on and off the playing fields. I started my own company called Think First, here is my website . I’m trying to help our youth to Think First before making life defining choices. And not to just think about their now reactions to their choices, but how their choices could affect their future and sometimes the lives of others.
I recently released my 3rd book, called The Crossover, A bridge from the court to life. In this book I talk about the fundamentals of basketball, shooting, rebound, passing and etc. And I use those same terminologies to show them how they can use those same tools in school, on the street and at home. Wanted to make it more black and white for them, showing them how they can use the tools of basketball in life now as opposed to later. Let me know how I could help in any way.

My website: | Instagram: Travis_Garrison4| LinkedIn:


Private 1-on-1

  • Price: $75/hour
  • Location: Zoom, FaceTime, or phone.


  • Price: $500 - $750 / month
  • Location: Zoom, FaceTime, or phone.

Small Group

  • Team size (up to 5)
  • Price: $250 per student
  • Length: 4-weeks
  • Meeting: 2 time(s) per week
  • Session length: 1 1/2 hours
  • Location: Zoom
  • Start date: New groups start monthly

Payments accepted

  • PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp *
    How to buy

  • Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 2 business days by sending you a message on Talktime.

A fun fact about me

I played professionally in 10 different countries

*What can you talk about for hours?

I can talk about my dreams and goals about how I can make a difference in other’s lives. And programs I would like to create to do so.

What are you proud of, but never have an excuse to talk about?

About how I had to work my butt off to get myself into an NBA draft camp, using people I knew to make calls for me. And me having to calling the director himself basically begging him to allow me to come. At the end, I got invited and the rest is history.

What’s one super power you would NOT want?

Believe it or not, I would not want to be able to see into the future.

What is the most normal thing about you?
That I’m a family man, and love spending time with my kids.

What do you hate?



In my words

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*My teaching style

I like to be as transparent as possible, giving my students clear cut advice about my experiences and life on and off the court. Preparing them the best way I can for the life ahead of them. Whether it’s on the playing field, or just in life.

Why me?

I have experienced so many ups and downs not just in sports, but in life as well. I have achieved a high level of success, played on every level. I know what it takes to succeed, but also know the pitfalls you could possibly face along the way. My experiences makes me well equipped to help you or your child succeed not just in sports, but in life as well.

Why I’m passionate about this?

I am very passionate about this because I have failed before, I know what it’s like to have regrets, missed opportunities, to fail and if I could help someone else not make those same mistakes I made or to help guide them on their journey in life I would love that.