Flow your Finances: How to Transform your Habits and Start Living

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Transformational Life Coaching
Flow your Finances: How to Transform your Habits and Start Living

Hi! I’m Angela from Boston,MA currently living in Boston. I am the person who sees and brings out the best in people. I started my journey in 2015 after over 10 years of self-sabotage. You can say I experienced a quarter-life crisis or spiritual awakening or breakthrough, however way you choose to view. I reached a breaking point and said to the universe “There has to be more to life than living this way,” and I discovered there is! I had the courage to step out of my comfort zone and start Living for the first time. I decided to start Living rather than just dreaming, and my life Transformed. Miracles started happening. I started attracting an Abundance of money, healthier relationships, and opportunities. Now I want to offer you the space and support if you are experiencing a crisis, or feeling that call within.

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I will help you for free. Here’s how it works:

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Private 1-on-1

  • Price: $50 / hour
  • Location: Google Meet

Small Group

  • Team size (up to 5)
  • Price: $249 or 3 Payments of $99
    *If you pay in Full you receive a Free 1 Hour 1-on-1 coaching consultation on your personal financial situation (it’s optional not necessary)
  • Length: 6-weeks
  • Meeting: 1x time per week
  • Session length: 2 hours
  • Location: Google Meet
  • Start date: 2021-02-01T05:00:00Z2021-03-08T05:00:00Z

Payments Accepted

  • Venmo & PayPal

How to Buy

Direct message if you want to buy, or ask me anything in the comments!

Who is this for?

Millennials & Young People who want to spend and save $$ wisely, so that they can Start Living their Dreams.


I create a safe space for Millennials & Young People to go on a self-discovery journey to increase more self-awareness, and build a foundation to Start Living their Dream.

The more that you Know yourself the more that you will make better decisions, especially in your financial decisions!

Personal Development + Financial Strategy = Abundance

What are you consuming? How can you be smart about consuming? Can you be aware of how consuming affects the world?

Westerns consume a lot, often too much. It is an overdoing, and overconsumption mindset that is unconsciously fed to us since we are born. Is it really necessary? Can we start living with minimalism, and begin to flow our money to more valuable assets, like education, traveling, and buying a house?

The program will be a starting point for your self-discovery Journey, and will encourage you to continue the Journey after the program has ended. You will learn financial strategies that you can apply to consume consciously.

Here’s what we’ll work on each week

  • Week 1

    Habits, Beliefs, Attitude about Money
  • Week 2

     Building a Foundation, Building Credit
  • Week 3

      Set an Intention, Set a Dream Goal
  • Week 5

      Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Welcoming Core Values

    “I am worthy” “I am enough”

  • Week 6

      Conscious Consuming & Financial Strategy

My start point

I used to spend on average $200/month for make-up and $100/month for clothes. I used cleansers and make-up daily, which was damaging my skin. In a way it was a stressful addiction, I was consuming too much.

[I would post a photo of the receipt, as I used to save them, now have been shredded. It’s just been soo long]

My end point

$200/month for 1 year = $2,400. Because I was no longer feeding my old habits of consuming make-up and clothes, I had more than enough money to go on my Dream Trip to Iceland. I am balanced, at ease, and joyful.

In my words

My teaching style

I teach by conversations and metaphors. I encourage people to Journal and write their goals, budget, and tracking spending. Everyone learns differently, so it is important that you express the way you learn best, so that I can accommodate your needs if necessary.

What can you expect from my lessons?

To learn you will need Willingness to look at yourself: Self-Awareness. If you are in a place of resistance and defensiveness, this program is not for you.

Why I’m passionate about this?

I always felt a lot of chaos, stress, and overwhelm inside me. In my journey, I discovered that I am a highly sensitive person and empath which means I need a lot of rest. I learned how to set better boundaries for myself so that I can Live in Joy. Better boundaries means having better boundaries with money. It means having more control in how we spend, and how we flow our money. Now, I live in a balance, and I want to share my experience. I want to encourage millennials who have experienced a lot of stress and feeling like “they don’t have enough money” that it is possible to Start Living your Dream.

Why me?

I offer a safe, welcoming and accepting space to express who you are! I honor the balance of allowing emotions and accountability of motivational goals. I understand the importance of meeting people where they are on their journey.

I would like to invite you to participate in a 5 day Challenge!

For 5 days, track and monitor your spending.

How will you track your spending?
An app, saving receipts, your bank account, creating an excel spreadsheet?
or any creative ways you can think of?

What do you notice? Are you resistant to the challenge?

What are you spending your money on?

Please Feel Free to Ask Me Anything or share you findings!