Fitness Instructor

Hey guys, my name is Triston K. I am from Virginia Beach, Virgina. I am 22 years old, recent college graduate and trying to get my name out there in the personal training and strength and conditioning world. I have currently my USAW1 certification and working towards the CSCS. Also currently taking classes to receive my NASM Nutrition certification. I am offering to answer any questions you guys may have in regards to lifting or nutrition. Like I said I am trying to get my name out there and will need a few people willing to chat with me and hopefully give me some good reviews.

I have done a little bit of online coaching and online program making with a few friends and family members. And can say I have had some success.

How it would work would be like this. We make contact and decide your goals and what plan would work best for you. I will take the time to create a workout plan and/or nutrition plan and email you from The plan will be based on how long you guys want to keep going. If you guys decide to do a 3 week plan or if you guys decide if you want to do a 12 week plan. Then I will check up on you guys everyday to see how the plan is working out. If we need to change something, no biggie, we can do that. If you are getting pain somewhere or not sure if you are performing the movements correctly I can help with that as well. We can FaceTime or you can take a video of yourself and email me. I would be happy to look at it and do any corrections I possibly can.

Step 2: Questions: 50$/hr
Program Design/Online Coaching: 150 for program/ 100 each week for duration of program
Nutrition Plan: 150 for plan/ 100 each week for duration of plan
Package: 250 for plan&package / 125 each week for duration plan&package

Location: FaceTime me or Email

Pay By: Pay Pal Or Cash App (names will be given out once contacted)