FIT By 50! Together We Are Better!

Hey Friends! I am putting together a LIVE program focused on health and wellness goals. I am looking for individuals seeking a community that is heart centered, action oriented and fun, with the intention of having a space to share successes, challenges; offer support; and accountability.
Does this speak to you? Let me know you’re in if you would like to learn more!
PS: Turning 50 isn’t a requirement! :wink: That is my personal work as I leave my 40’s in the review mirror in 2021!

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I love your P.S. : )

What were the two terms Darrius and yourself came up with?
Mine were Tennis and elderly tech.

We never solidified around this subject. But with my youth empowerment work it is Youth and Virtual Travel. That is coming soon! :slight_smile:

Yes, I remember now. That sure talks to me.

My mother’s 80 year old now, but just a few years ago, she was travelling on her own, meeting elders in Vietnam, Australia, India, and other countries to help her define her project goals. She’s so busy currently, but what a story she has to tell!

Wishing you a wonderful day, hope to see you next week : )

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Hi Sherra,

This is an outstanding introduction. You are offering a great program.



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Thank You Denise! I appreciate the feedback! Cheers to a year of great health- physical, mental and emotional!