Finding your own answers within

Many people turn to friends, social media, or outside sources for guidance. Do you immediately turn to others when there’s a problem or you need a solution?

Connecting with your inner knower is a skill. It requires practice.

I can get you started.

I have honed my intuitive abilities. Meet with me for three consecutive weeks. For about 30 minutes each week. Each week you’ll get an assignment, a technique to practice throughout the week.

$50 a week. First week paid in advance.

We can meet via Facebook phone or zoom.

Hi, I’m Elliott. I’m a spiritual growth coach. I have studied with several acclaimed spiritual teachers incuding Sonia Choquette and Caroline Myss. I am a certified Happy For No Reason workshop leader.

Cultivating discernment and intuition is invaluable. Trusting your intution can be a starting point for trust yourself.