Feeling powerless? Need a transformation?

Have you been abused and haven’t been able to move past it? Do you need help from someone whose had a traumatic childhood?

Before the age of 10, I had been physically, sexually and emotionally abused by multiple people. We were constantly moving every 3-6 months. We were poor and were evicted a lot. I did not know stability and never went to school for a full year except 5th, 7th and 11th and 12th grades. I have no idea how many schools I attended. I have no idea how many kids I met and some I was glad to be leaving behind. I didn’t know how to keep friends. I learned to let go easily and move on fast.

I have struggled with abandonment issues, trusting the wrong people, confused as to what to do because I didn’t trust people that seemingly wanted to help (I thought they were after something). My trust was completely backwards.

I didn’t know how to say no to guys. I didn’t know what a home life was supposed to be. I didn’t know there were stable homes with love and consistency. I felt abandoned and left to learn on my own and I did.

I was thrown out of my home at 16. My step-mom hated me being there….even though I didn’t grow up with my father…she needed it to stay that way. And still to this day does things to push us a part.

I have had a lot of trauma in my life.


I knew from an early age that there was something better…a better life…not so dramatic and traumatic. Starting from about the age of 5 or 6 I would have dreams of “fighting Satan”. This dream repeated for years. I always knew, when Satan was standing facing me, to bring in light through my back and flood the area with a bright white light that was so much that was all I could see. Then I would just turn and run…quickly awakening because I was so afraid. I always wondered what happened to Satan after I did that…but was always too afraid to stick around.

40 or so years later I started having those dreams again. I have been told I am a light warrior, that I bring light to those that need it, to the planet. I realized that even though it seemed I was running scared I actually won the battle. This was such a relief because I was always so afraid. I started going to church as a child without my parents even knowing. I felt something there that lifted my heart and made me feel SO good. But I asked too many questions and would get asked to not come back. Being 11 years old I thought the church members just didn’t want to be honest…or that they just didn’t know what they were talking about.

Through the years I kept being told, in my head, that “I am a healer” and “to go hug a tree”. I found out many years later from a Native American aura reader that my Native American Grandfather was whispering to me “go hug a tree”, and that it would help me to ground myself. I feel immediately relaxed when I actually hug a tree, it also brings me peace.

As a child of around 11 years of age I had out of body experiences but was not allowed to talk about it. Once I saw a little girl drowning in the local pool. I was there swimming and got out to get her help but no one could see me. Later after waking I heard a girl had drowned. She had looked like the girl in my dream.

All of those experiences led me to be the woman that I am today. A Soul Realignment practitioner, hands on/distance healer and tarot reader. And receiving a bachelors in spiritual psychology from The University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Az.

People have responded to my work for them with such positivism it is humbling. Assisting others brings light and joy to my life. I look forward to working with you.

I have 32 plus tools I can train you to use to help your life become what you desire. To help empower and transform you into that which you want to be. To love yourself.

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