Feeling drained? Low energy because everyone is leaning on you. Learn how to protect and replenish your energy

Are you the “go to” person? Do you find yourself always helping others? Are you the person that everyone is depending on for something? Maybe you’re the person that everyone calls for a favor or when they need advice. It’s great to be the person that is able to help, but what do you do when you need help? What do you do when you have given and given and now you are running on empty?

Most really great givers don’t have anything in place for them to receive and replenish the energy that they give away. Once you run empty you are not only a detriment to those that depend on you but you are also a detriment to yourself.

My name is RJ Hodges. I’m an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and personal development coach. My entire life is about helping others and giving. I love it, but I never knew I could get to a point of empty and truly have nothing left to give. It is a terrible feeling to be stressed, frustrated, and depleted. I’ve been there and it sucks. There was no way I could continue doing what I love unless I figured out how to set boundaries, protect my energy, and more importantly replenish the energy I was giving away.

  • Learn the proper way to give and receive

  • Learn to set boundaries so that you don’t give all your energy away. It is possible to give and keep your cup full at the same time.

  • Learn why so many people that have a passion to serve others end up burnt out and exhausted. Also learn how to overcome this.

  • Learn simple strategies on how to replenish your energy daily so that you will never run empty.

  • Learn when to say no and how to do it in a way that it doesn’t offend.

  • Learn how to create a system in your life that pours back into you just as much as you pour into others.

Check out this video as I explain a little more in depth. What happens when the "go to" person runs empty? - YouTube

I have learned so much about preserving energy over the years. These strategies have worked in my personal life, my professional life and have made a real difference in the lives of the clients I am so fortunate to work with.

I work with clients in one-on-one private coaching sessions via zoom or phone.

I prefer to have a 20 minute free initial call with any potential client prior to setting up sessions to learn more about you and what you are dealing with specifically. That way I can give more insight into the strategies and property tailor what I do to fit your specific needs. After the free consult we can decide if working together is a good option for both of us. No obligations at all.

Sessions are $60/ hour or get 2 sessions upfront for $105

4 session package for $225

Sessions can be paid for securely through PayPal. You do not necessarily need a PayPal account.

Would love to answer any questions you may have.