Feedback Please: Teach your own child to read!

Hey Talktime guys and ladies! Can you please give me some feedback on what I have written below:

​Teach your preschooler (4-5-year-old) or primary age

​child (6-8 yr. old) to read!!AvCn7NCGVB4bijoE5xtEUsg78QSp?e=srxD6s

​Teach your preschooler (4-5-year-old) or primary age

​child (6-8 yr.old) to read using a TutorInAComputer program or a parent presentation book.

Are you a parent of a preschool (4-5 yr. olds) and/or primary (6-8 yr. olds) age child? Are you alone and isolated at home with your children during this pandemic? Are you also trying to do your own online work and wish you could get your child off to a good start in reading at the same time? Do you toss around the idea of hiring a tutor? Would that possibly subject your child to a different kind of infection risk? Further, maybe you are fearful and skeptical about the school’s ability to teach your child to read! I’d be equally worried about that honestly—not because teachers are not concerned professionals and good people, but because like me, they are themselves a product of their own training! So many worries! I have my own worries about my grandchildren, but they are “out of my hands”. in this way!

In short, send me your concerns and questions about any of the above! I’ll answer all of your inquiries personally at as a former parent, grandparent and teacher.

On the other hand, If you feel that you’d like to give a quality, research-based reading program a shot, then—read a little further. You rightfully ask: “How?” Stay tuned! After all, what’s more important than learning to read for a child’s sense of efficacy and self-esteem? If you want something done well, consider DOING IT YOURSELF!

I can coach you! I can teach you the pre-skills to deliver a quality [researched-based" program that cab ‘make a difference’ for your child. The ‘difference’ is in the details of the instructional design!–a thousand and one details! It’s that simple and that complex. The instruction will be excellent if you:

a) Complete a preliminary 6-hour training session with me.

b) Complete all homework I assign (i.e. read the program manual).

c) Practice pre-skills the program requires to execute lesson formats fluently.

d) Participate in weekly “hands-on-lessons” with you and your child to get you started.

e) Purchase all necessary materials (a book) or software (and provide a computer) that will be the essential teaching tools you need. Total cost: a) teacher presentation book and related materials (free as a bonus). or the computer software for the TutorInaComputer version of the program ($55.00).

f) Participate in 1 on 1 consultation with me and/or the ongoing periodic support group sessions with me and other parent participants on Talktime.

Private 1-on-1 Coaching: In a Nutshell!

I provide pre-school and primary parents 6 one-on-one hourly training sessions that fully equip them to offer their children a “…complete Direct Instruction reading program in computerized online form or book form that teaches all of the skills necessary for children to become successful readers: decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

How to buy? Costs In a Nutshell

a) $600.00 for 6 hours of one-on-one parent training…

**b) $55.00 for parent and child materials (computerized version).

c) One can order such materials online.

d) I accept parent training fees by Pay Pal only. My Pay Pal account is

e) Ask me any question before, during, or after the purchase of your training [] and I will get back to you personally (free of charge).

Fun facts about me!

I love to do organic gardening! I am a grandfather. I cook excellent Louisiana food! I have lived and worked as a teacher in three foreign countries! I love international travel!


B.A. Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA.,1966) Economics and English

M.A. University of Chicago (Chicago, ILL, 1971) Social Work

M.A.T. Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill., 1974) Elementary Education

Ph.D. (ABD) the University of Oregon, (Eugene, OR., 1980) Special Education/Instructional Design.


I am an expert in [Direct Instruction ( for K-6 students in language, reading, and mathematics. I trained at the University of Oregon with Seigfried Engelmann and Associates–the authors of the two programs.

a) The book version requires more parental practice with coaching from me, but still possible within the six-week duration of the training.

b) The computer version requires parallel skills but only requires your presence at the keyboard to:

  1. Manipulate the mouse.

  2. Provide praise and/or corrections where prompted to do so on-screen or in the book. ( I coach parents to use either version or both with their own children.

Who this is for?

I offer my parent training/coaching sessions to (1) any parent of a preschool (PK, K) or (2) primary school child (K-5th) who wishes to homeschool their child in reading. Testing to properly place children takes place prior to the beginning of instructions or periodically to fast-track children through the program who require less repetition and review.

What I (the parent) will do?

Parents will :

a) Meet with me weekly (6 weeks) via Zoom to:

a) Practice teaching lessons with me and their child online.

b) Purchase the program materials, to

c) Provide a 16 bit or 32-bit operating computer (Window or Mac) for the computer version of the program instruction.

d) Eventually assist and be a resource to other parents who have undertaken my training in a support group of like-minded parents.


Expect me to coach you to a skill and confidence level sufficient to warrant your saying at the end of the program: “I taught my child to be an excellent reader at home and I can assist you in learning to do the same thing.”

Why me as a parent-teacher?

Why not you? Who is better equipped or more motivated? “The popular valuing of teacher “creativity and autonomy” as high priorities (in our schools) must give way to a willingness to follow certain carefully prescribed instructional practices”… that has a track record of working with ALL children.

To date, successful school-wide implementations of Direct Instruction abound. All the more numerous are 1 on 1 implementation by teaching parents.

Parents prove to be more dedicated to a program that will work individually for their children only. They can teach tutorially with a high probability of success. To quote the National Institute of Direct Instruction:

Remaining the same, however, are the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment to students. And, it is crucial that all [ parents and teachers so concerned] adopt and internalize the belief that all students if properly taught, can learn.”

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You did excellent on the post! Good to meet you tonight, I wish you all the best!

Thanks for your feedback! John

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Looks good John. You did a great job breaking down exactly what a person gets when working with you. You provide the pricing upfront and it’s very clear. I want to focus on the ‘fun fact’ section. You say you love organic gardening, you’re a grandfather and love to cook Louisiana food. Do you have photos of this by chance? Can you include these photos in the post? Could you add a section where you write to parents and say - “Parents - if you’d like to just chat about raising kids, cooking some great louisiana food or just talk about all things organic gardening. I’m available too.” Try including a video to give the post a personal touch if you can.

The bottom line is this. It’s great you’re teaching kids how to read but I want to learn more about you and the things you enjoy. Next, I want you to talk about how you take those things you love and use it to help kids learn to read. For example, tell parents you have kids read books on organic gardening. Or you have kids read your favorite kids book because it’s your favorite kids book that you always read with your grandkids. Get it?

Go make changes and let see what you got.

Great suggestions! Will work on them ASAP! Want my recipe for Louisiana shrimp creole mon cher! Coming up yall!