Feedback Donation Based Yoga Class

Namaste to everyone on this platform,

I am an International Student and a registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, USA currently based in Montreal, QC. With more than 700hrs of training from Yoga Schools located in India. Coming from India and shifting to a new country during Pandemic took a whole together different turn for me. We all know hard time brings out good things and this lead me to start (Yoga for every’Body’)

We all know benefits of Yoga as it’s wides spread but somehow it has not be accessible to everyone.

before getting further , here’s a quick story

" the knowledge of Yoga in ancient time was widespread on the basis of donations because we believed that knowledge is priceless and it should be reachable to all as it accounts for your Karma and it’s one Dharma (duty) to offer service to the mankind. "

So considering Karma Yoga as a key I am offering daily donation based online yoga sessions at 6:00am to 7:00am (EST) via Google Meet

These sessions are specially designed for all age groups and can be done without props. All you need is a yoga mat ,laptop, good internet and YOURSELF.

During this time when we all stressed about one thing or another. I would like to ask for your help to join me in these sessions and try integrating yoga into your lifestyle and drop a feedback as Yoga is an individual’s journey of healing and I would love to connect with more experiences.

If your body is as strong as “rock” or flexible like a “lilly” or maybe someone who would like to give a try, try with us and Let’s Yoga :relaxed:

Help me to help you! :slight_smile: