Favorite memories of snow?

Our area just got hit with its first heavy snowfall of the season last night. :snowflake: :mountain_snow: :cloud_with_snow: :snowman_with_snow:

My six year old son Luke was SO excited! Thankfully his school was canceled in spite of being online. They decided to let the kids have a day to play in the snow😁

Unfortunately it wasn’t good packing snow for making a snowman, but we found an alternative. Here he is on his sled going down a little hill in the backyard. Hopefully we’ll get to a better hill for sledding once the driveway gets plowed.

I was excited too! Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not a cold weather person, to put it mildly. I’m what’s known as a friolero ( I just learned this word :wink:). But I’ve always appreciated the beauty of the snow. Not crazy about driving in it, shoveling it, or brushing it off of my car, however.

But all that said, here’s the thing…I’m a mom. And when my kid is happy that makes me happy. And when I don’t have to help him with his online school that also makes me very happy. Thank you, you wise souls, who made the decision to close today, because Lord knows we ALL needed the break…kids, parents, and teachers alike!

Last year was a dud, hardly any snow. Not one significant accumulation over an inch or two. I felt bad for Luke. Snow is magical for children.

Which brings me to my question.

Do you have any favorite memories of playing in the snow as a kid? I’d love to hear them!

Speaking of snow and magic, I love the part in the Nutcracker right after Clara takes down the Mouse King, and her Nutcracker doll turns into a real prince, when the sparkling, swirling snowflakes begin to fall (represented by ballerinas in sparkling white dresses) and they are transported to the magical land of sweets. :two_hearts::two_hearts: Especially when the boys choir starts to sing!


Here is a picture and video from the big hill that we went to afterwards. Its a popular spot in our area, as you can see.

Google Photos

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Hi! Another great post, well done and said! I love a story about Killer hill, it was the hugest hill in my Neighborhood in King of Prussia PA. One day we built a ramp and my brother was on a tube and flew in the air about 30 feet and hit a car. It was not funny yet he was not hurt so he may a funny about it, trying to pretend the tube was too heavy to move it and he was stuck underneath it *we used to have a video of it *, so it became a hilarious moment my family cherishes till this day.

Also, we had a mini hill behind my house, I remember getting so upset having to carry my sled up the hill b/c I was so tired halfway up and I struggled to try and climb it. I also built an igloo there with my friends, and we would put water on the easy trail up the mountain path so we could use tubes down it like a slide. We had a lot of fun snow days in PA I loved it there, I am very grateful for the wonderful times and memories I had.

Thanks for making me remember these, I will talk with my family tonight and reminisce, great gratitude for the inspiration!

Wow, great story…and you grew up not too far from me!!! Where are you living these days? Is your family close by?
Thanks for responding and sharing your story!
Enjoy your holidays!

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Hi Cara!

I am stationed in Romania currently, hoping to move soon we will see. I spent lots of time in Conshy/King of Prussia. Most of my family, we were from Centralia/Shamokin/Poconos/Hazelton, got some reservation sacred lands there in PA n Jersey. I was thinking I might move to the Poconos when I return to America one day. You are welcome I think you compose awesome posts. They are a great addition here.

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Great story!! :wink:
I have a few favorites, especially childhood. But the one that comes to mind never fails to bring a tear to my eye, was several years after I began ‘adulting’.
First, a little backstory is required concerning my dad.
He was a very…“Stern” man, and always projected his love with actions, never words. But that was ok, because I knew that he loved me as much as I Adored, and admired him.

It was the Blizzard of 1993 in western North Carolina foothills, and during this time I was working as a “batcher” for a tile manufacturing company.
My primary job consisted of operating a Cat 916, frontend wheel loader to begin the tile manufacturing process. (loading a hopper with raw material such as clay, feldspar, unimin sand,…i.e: ‘dirt’…lol)

However, in the early morning of this particular day, the facility had closed due to the storm, but a few employees remained to oversee an overnight process that could not be safely halted until completion, and I chose to remain with them.
My primary job that particular morning, was to clear the snow from the exit of the facility, to the main highway for those that had no choice but to remain.

The heavy snowfall kept me busy from midnight until the huge, fire breathing kiln could safely be shutdown at 6:00am the next morning.

There was absolutely no traffic entering or exiting during these hours,…until 5:30am.
As I was making the long return trip to the building, a pair of headlights slowly approached my rearview mirror.

Upon reaching the parking lot, I ‘slid’ my loader around to see who this visitor could possibly be.
As I slowly approached him, wiping the ‘fog’ from my windshield, the driver turned off his headlights, and I instantly recognized the large, blue 4x4 truck.

My dad…it was my dad. He had braved the snow all the way there just to ensure himself that I was ok, and to inquire if I would make it home safely that morning.
As I climbed down from my loader, he had already rolled down his window. I walked over to him, both of us with big smiles and we talked for several minutes.

Upon conclusion, before he left, I thanked him several times with my words and a smile, and with love and gratitude in my heart.

The 'Blizzard of ‘93’, and my father.
By far, my favorite snowfall memory.

**But I wish, I So totally wish ‘Pop’ was the type of man that could have given, and comfortably accepted an occasional “I Love you”, because I wanted to tell him,…So Much, especially that particular morning that I loved him, and I regret to this day that I didn’t say it.

But, ‘he was a very…“Stern” man, and always projected his love with actions, never words’…until the end.
The words “I love you” were not lost to us then. Those words were exchanged and was our last act of ensurance together before he peacefully past.

Thank you for this post and reminding me of this memory today, Cara :revolving_hearts:

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Wow, Derek, that was beautiful! Thanks for sharing :heart:

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