Fashion stylist here to help you find your style

I want to help people feel more comfortable in their clothes and skin. I’ve been a fashion stylist professionally for three years now. I’ve always been interested in it though. I’ve worked in London and on the east coast. As a stylist I’ve helped brands as well as individuals with styling. Working with brands for editorials or campaigns and working with individuals for comfortability and events.

Fashion work - I can help style your photo shoot over the phone, pandemic safety, for $50. This will include in-depth conversation about your concept and what you need. (Up to an hour)

Branded work - with branded work I’ll work closely with you to bring your vision together through clothes. Compensation to be determined

Personal shopping - as your personal shopper I will learn your style and what makes you comfortable. This can be done over video as you shop or I can set up a shopping cart for you to search though. This can be a one time thing or you can have me on call for all your fashion needs.

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