Fashion Design Tutor

Hey, I’m Anastasia (Annie) from Tallinn, Estonia and have been living in Moscow for the past 6 years.
I’m a 22 y.o. art school graduate with a Bachelors degree in Fashion from British Higher School of Art and Design.

Just over a year ago I started my design and sustainability focused YouTube channel where I share everything that goes into fashion design: research, conceptualisation, textile experiments, design development, sketching, sampling, construction and mistakes.

I am very passionate about sustainability and am currently saving up to do my Masters degree in either sustainable fashion, innovative textiles or fashion futures.

Here is my YouTube channel with a history of 45 videos which can give you an idea of my personality, design experience and aesthetic -

And my design focused Instagram page -

Aaaaand a personal one, why not -

Even though it’s only been 6 months since or last group tutorial I really miss our design discussions and being a helping hand in someone else’s collection development process.
As you’ll see I talk a lot and really fast since I like to give as much information as possible.

I have been a tutor to a now fashion student giving advice on portfolio presentation, creative idea development and research.

If you feel like you would like an outside perspective on your fashion portfolio, university project or you would simply like to discuss ideas for anything fashion design related I am ready to help out.

15€ / h

Zoom, FaceTime, Skype
Private 1-on-1

You can ask me a question in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like to know or DM me through IG if I don’t notice your message in 3-5 days.

Here is a bit of random info about me -

  1. I am fluent in 3 languages and am learning my 4th.
  2. I have kissed a sea lion
  3. I moved countries when I was 15