Experienced writer looking for students!

Hi all! I’m new to Talktime and just wanted to pop in here to introduce myself. My name is Emily and I am a senior at Syracuse University Newhouse with a major in Television, Radio, and Film, and a minor in Theater. With plans to move out to Los Angeles post-grad and achieve the dream of becoming a screenwriter, I am looking for new ways to not only keep myself busy with writing, but also to help others achieve their writing goals along the way. Through years of education focused in both creative and formal writing as well as through my own personal endeavors in screenwriting and journalism, I feel qualified and excited to pass on all that I have learned to whoever is looking! My goal is to form a positive community on this platform that encourages creativity and rewards hard work. Please reach out if you are interested in seeing what I have to offer, or if you’re just looking for a good chat :slight_smile: Thanks!

hello, Emily my name is khaylia sajous and I am a freshman at Miami Dade college with a major that I love which is journalism , so I call myself a writer because that’s what I see myself but I also want to make that dream happen for me and collaborate with artist as well to help them make they dream come true as well.
welcome to talk time