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Hi everyone!
My name is Ian and I am a certified personal trainer from Ottawa, Canada.
I started weight training when I was 18. I was very small for my age and I remember how intimidating it was being in the same gym as huge weight lifters and other athletes. The first year was characterized by inconsistency. That changed when I started working out with a good buddy. With in a year, both of us were able to bench press over 300 pounds. Another friend of mine introduced me to stretching to improve my flexibility. To this day, I can still do a full split.
In June, 1992, I competed in my first power lifting contest. 3 weeks after my first contest, I was in a bad car accident and I couldn’t work out for 6 months. One year after I resumed weight training, I dead lifted 3 times my body weight. This accomplishment was achieved with out drugs, lifting straps or any power lifting suits.

In 1996, I had my first shoulder surgery.
In 1998, I had a near death experience. I contracted E.coli 157 and it was the same virus that claimed the lives of residents in Walkerton, Ontario.
In 1999, I had my second shoulder surgery.
In 2002, I returned to competitive power lifting. Despite not practicing the 3 lifts AND having only 4 weeks to prepare, I won 1st place in my division.
In 2006, I competed for the last time shortly after I turned 40.
In 2007, I set several personal best lifts in the dead lift and the squat. Later that year, I had surgery to repair in inguinal hernia.
In 2008, my second car accident occurred while I was on my way to take a welding exam. My doctor at the time warned me that I would end up in a wheel chair if I didn’t slow down.
In 2009, I was struck by a mini van while walking.
In 2011, I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease. I also tore my rotator cuff in my left shoulder which resulted in shoulder surgery number 3 in May, 2017.
In 2016, I suffered one of the most painful injuries ever, damaging my SI joint.
On October 31, 2017, I was diagnosed with prostate Cancer. I am 4th generation in my family to deal with this.
I don’t lift as heavy as I used to, but I feel pretty good these days.
Weight training has also been very helpful as a stress reliever.
I do not drink, smoke or take any drugs.
I am confident that my life experiences will make a difference in people’s lives.
Message me and I will help you improve your quality of life!

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