Everything is (im)possible

When someone tells you, “you can’t do that” or “you’re not good enough,” remember… they’re not talking about your limitations but about their own.

People will often comment and condemn your every decision, whatever you do. So if you’re already doing something, don’t do it because others have told you to, but because you want to. They are going to judge you anyway.

Most people are either afraid or simply do not even want to try to go towards their dreams, such people usually condemn those who dared to make such a move. Don’t let that discourage you.

Let me tell you a story:

“In the old days, it was a very unusual tradition. Every year, as many people as possible would gather to hike the largest mountain in the world. But they did not work as a team, but everyone would climb for themselves, without anyone’s help. No one ever managed to conquer that

One year when all the people gathered again in an attempt to conquer the largest mountain, there were more people than ever. They all took up position and set off. However, after a very short time, most people gave up, leaving a dozen of the most persistent. Little by little, one by one he gave up. There were two others who were quite advanced. However, loud voices came from the foot of the mountain, not cheering, but comments, “you won’t last long”, “you can’t do it”, “no one has ever conquered that peak, so neither will you”… And similar demotivating shouts reached them. After a while, there was only one left who had gone quite far. Shouts were heard even louder from the foot of the mountain in order to discourage the young man. But the young man slowly reached the top, when he finally came down from the top and achieved something that no one could ever do, they asked him “where did you get your strength from?” “How did you do that?” And similar questions, to which the young man only apologized, saying that he was deaf and could not hear anything. "

So the only man who managed to conquer the unconquerable mountain was deaf because he did not hear what others were saying about him, he did not hear discouraging shouts. It’s the same in your life. Don’t pay attention to other people’s opinions and other people’s words, after all, these are only their limitations, not yours.

And remember only one thing, everything is impossible until someone does it.

Much love. :heart:


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