Everybody thinks “What if I fail ..?” but I say “What if you succeed?” 🏆

Many people have stopped in their lives precisely because of this phrase “What if?”

Do you know how many dreams this phrase, this question, has destroyed?

Do you know how much confidence this question took away?

I don’t know either, but I’m pretty sure you’re already thinking about the things you said “Yeah, but what if…?”

“What if I fail?”

“What if they laugh at me?”

“What they are going to say?”

What people are going to think?”

There are so many similar questions, which took many dreams and ideas to the afterlife, never came to life, just because you are afraid of the reaction of society, just because you are not sure of yourself.

Do you know why most people don’t do what they love? Because they are afraid of what someone will think and what someone will say about them.

Well, guess what, their opinions don’t matter at all.

Don’t let other people’s restrictions limit you. Their opinions are based on their limits, not yours, actually…. you have no limit, but you have to believe in that… not me but you. I already believe in you.

Why do you always doubt your abilities before you start doing something?

Why do you always think of the worst when you start creating something?

Because society has programmed (limited) you to such thinking but it can be easily changed, all you need to do is start believing in yourself again.

You are a divine being with the energy of the whole universe, there is no such thing that you cannot do. Who cares what someone will say about you or behind your back? The only thing that matters is what you have to say to yourself. The wolf doesn’t care what the sheep think of him.

Let the words you say to yourself, be inspiring and positive, full of self-confidence and success, and don’t doubt yourself and your abilities even for a moment and I promise you … you will see the miracle.

I dare you to ask yourself these questions:
“What if I succeed?”
“What if all my dreams come true?”
“What if everyone loves me?”
“What if I’m really limitless?”
“What if I can really do everything I want?”

Once you realize how powerful you really are and that you are actually creating your own reality… you will stop calling beautiful things coincidences and luck. Coincidences and luck will become your way of living, your everyday life, a normal phenomenon, only if you are ready to believe in yourself and your powers.


Much love :heart: