Esthetician full of knowledge! Honest, unbiased, personalized help with your skin

Price (USD): $40 for 20 minutes

For 12 years I have been a Licensed Esthetician. I have a current license in both Minnesota and California. I have worked in traditional spas, and medspas. These experiences have given me knowledge of several product lines (clean products and medical grade products, several price points), it also has given me knowledge on services and treatments and what are worthwhile treatments for your personal aesthetic goals. I love helping people feel their best, creating confidence through skin, is my passion.

I am from, and currently reside in St Paul,Minnesota. And have lived in both Brooklyn, NY and most recently in Los Angeles.

I have knowledge of hundreds of brands, and no affiliation to any of them, so when I give you a skincare routine, you know this is truly what I feel is best of your skin! If you need advice on what medspa/dermatologist treatment is right for you, we can go over what you should know before going into have a consult at a practice, because I have no affiliation to any practice, my advice is honest and tailored to your needs.

Helping people feel their best is my favorite thing to do! I have personally struggled with acne through my teen years and adulthood. I know what it feels like to to not feel confident in my skin, this is why I am so passionate about helping others! I feel that it is my purpose to help others, and the way I do that is by helping you feel your best about your skin. Appearance is far from the most important thing, but I believe if you feel confident in your skin, it’s a step closer to being your best self.

I will always listen to your concerns and your goals, and come up with personalized solutions for you.

We will need to have face to face interaction because I need to see your skin. We can do this on FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom. Have a list of the products you use(you can also just show them when we meet if they are available) Also please do not wear makeup when we have our call.

I hope I am able to help you get closer to your skin goals and help you choose the right products and/or treatments that are best for you!

*Follow my advice and give every new produc/treatment/tool time to see the results(some routines could take up to 3 months to see results). Talk to your doctor or dermatologist before adding something into your routine(we will discuss when this is necessary)