English Tutor - Writing Coach Motivator

Hi Everyone, I am offering help to anyone who needs help reading English or learning how to get your own work published. Also, I enjoy helping people learn to love learning ! I have self published and also taught clients how to begin their manuscript and also self publish since 2005. If you have any questions or particular needs I have not mentioned here, please feel free to inquire.

Payment is from $10.00 (basics) to $20.00 (publishing) per hour depending on what you would like to accomplish. I used to work at Sylvan, I was a writing tutor/motivational speaker since college, and I am still enjoying it very much. Reading and Writing is still fundamental to mental health and a long life!

Payments: PayPal

If you would like to sample some of my papers or discussion posts go here:

https://independent.academia.edu/Bettina Morello