Emotional fitness, stability and freedom

I can support you emotionally.
I’ve dealt with depression and PTSD due to the war and losses.
For a while now, I’ve found my way.
I would be very honored to be the person who helps you find yours.


Hi Sunny! Do you do timed sessions > what are your prices>

Hey Danielle,

Thanks for checking out my post and wanting to know more about what I have to offer.

$497/4 weeks

I appreciate you.
Have a good day!

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This is beautiful. Much support here! Out of curiosity, how would you best describe your strategy for working on these sorts of problems?

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Sure Jaxon,
I am a very good listener, if I do say so myself, I am non-judgemental, … I wanna hear you, understand you and support you.
In my personal life, I had to replace beliefs, lies, … with the truth, pain, hurt and anger with love, … & so much more. That’s how I work.
Feel free to ask more questions.

Thank You.