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Hi! My name is Jackie and I’m originally from New York but currently living in Freeport, Maine with my husband and two kiddos! We found ourselves in this beautiful state because it was the perfect marriage of our hometowns: the hustle and bustle of a small city and beautiful coastline like NY with the laid back, nature centric and balanced lifestyle of Sydney, Australia.

I am a health and wellness advocate with doTERRA essential oils and I help people elevate their health and wellness with natural solutions!

I want you to close your eyes and envision a life where finding solutions to your health and wellness goals is actually simple. Got that picture? Great! Now open your eyes and know that you’re in the right place to start that journey!

My oil journey began right after the birth of my son when I was desperately trying to find renewed energy and stay healthy enough to care for a newborn and hold down a full time job. With zero sleep and often settling for quick (and usually unhealthy) meals, I found myself in a place where my body was deficient in so many ways. I lacked effective stress and weight management and was reactive instead of proactive with all my health concerns.

Fast forward 3 years later and oils are not only my daily preventative support but the first thing I reach for when any health concern arises. And over these last few years, I have developed the passion to help others feel that same empowerment of using natural solutions to look and feel their best every day.

dōTERRA means “Gift of the Earth” in Latin. These essential oils and essential oil based products (cleaning products, skin care line, digestive aides, mind and mood support, etc) provide you with simple, safe, and natural solutions you can rely on to care for you and your whole family while enhancing your overall health.

Wellness is a combination of lifestyle and healthcare. When lifestyle is the focus, health is naturally achieved and maintained. Your daily habits make all the difference. As you live
these principles and use dōTERRA’s powerful products, you experience new levels of wholeness.
~ Eat Right: give your body what it needs, and it will thrive. It all starts with daily nutrition
and digestive support. dōTERRA whole-food supplements are an ideal companion for your essential oils.
~ Exercise: regular exercise strengthens the muscles and supports the cardiovascular,
circulatory, and lymphatic systems, among other crucial benefits. Essential oils and targeted supplementation support greater flexibility and energy, and ease feelings of tension in the body to help you stay active and strong.
~ Rest & Manage Stress: sleep improves mood and gives your body the opportunity to repair and renew. Approximately 80 percent of health problems are estimated to be the
result of persistent stress. Essential oils provide dynamic support to help manage stress, get consistent quality sleep, and create an uplifting environment so you feel centered no matter what life throws your way!
~ Reduce your Toxic Load: nature experiences cycles of releasing and renewing. Our bodies also benefit from seasons of cleansing and focused detox for renewal. Support your body’s natural pathways of detoxification by using natural cleaning and self-care products, along
with targeted use of doterra products.
~ Informed Self Care: make it a habit to use dōTERRA natural solutions as your first line of defense. With a trusted essential oil reference book, increase your understanding and application of the possibilities you have at your fingertips.

Based on your wellness goals, I can help you design a wellness plan and help you find the right products to start and maintain your wellness journey.

There are 3 ways to join this lifestyle - purchase retail, join with a wholesale membership, or sign up for loyalty programs to gain below wholesale pricing.

– Retail Prices vary by product
– Wholesale memberships are $25 per year but that comes with one free Peppermint EO and a 25% discount on ALL purchases
– Below wholesale comes with all of the above PLUS a rewards program where you earn between 10%-30% back on every purchase on top of the wholesale pricing!

I would like to offer a free wellness consult to all those who are interested in getting started - here’s how it works:

~ Ask me your question in the comments or send me a direct message and I’ll get back to you within 2 business days.
~ Complete my 1 page health and wellness survey
~ Schedule a free 20min consultation to review your health and wellness goals
~ I will recommend 2 different ways to get started
~ Review and choose if it’s right for you!

If you get started with me, you will gain access to a ton of ongoing education and resources to get your journey started as well!

Check out my website and Instagram below!

my.doterra.com/jacquelinepriestly | @simplyessentialwellness

Get Started while Starting A Business Too!
– Do you already have a huge passion for natural living and want to learn more about how you can start a business doing something you love that will ultimately gain you financial and time freedom? I am your girl! Whether you are completely new to oils, a veteran or a aspiring holistic entrepreneur, I am here to help you get started! Send me a DM for more information on doterra’s compensation plan and how you can get started!

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