Electrical engineering and deep learning tutoring at your doorsteps

Hi! I’m Nasir.I am a passionate Electrical Engineer currently pursuing my PhD in Electrical Engineering.
I am exceptionally good at math and electrical engineering problem solving.I believe problem solving is a valuable skill and I want to help others learn these skills as well.
I can also provide assistance and exceptional tutoring in solving Electrical design problems.Having extensive experience in aviation industry,I can provide consultancy in avionics design and system engineering as well.
I recently transitioned to deep learning for wireless networks and have hands on expertise in python and MATLAB.If you are familiar with terms like CNN, DNN, Keras,tensorflow but want to get deep insight into the mathematics behind neural networks and how to use these API’s, then I am the right person to contact.
So feel free to ask for help regarding you projects or general problem solving in this domain as well.

  • Price: $40/ hour

  • Direct message me or contact me through email/linkedin if interested. I will contact you within 2 business days by sending you a message on Talktime.