Easy to follow Coaching Programs - Ace A Job Interview and Ace A Life

We offer two easy to follow, fun animated coaching Programs and online sessions with the Career and Life coach Helene.

The Ace A Life and Ace A Job Interview Programs

Ace A Job Interview is a 3-part program that covers the before, during and after the interview and gives the knowledge to put the best YOU forward!


Access to the program for only $25

Ace A Life is a six-part life coaching program and covers Letting go, how good am I to myself, where does my time go, Wheel of Life, Live your dreams, and SMART goal setting.


Access to the program for only $47

Why did we use animation for the coaching videos? Animation appeals to the senses and offers an easy, fun, and effective way to communicate important messages. The best part is that visuals are consumed a lot more easily and leave a lasting impact.

Enthusiastic Direction LLC’s mission is to help people live the life of their dreams by offering coaching in a fun, easy and affordable way!

About Helene the Career and Life Coach

Helene found a passion for mentoring and coaching through her 27 years of experience in Management and Leadership roles in the Information Technology sector. She loved seeing people grow and become successful. This led her to learn and gain certifications in Life and Career coaching.

Achievements and Certifications

· Global Management Excellence award winner – Microsoft
· Interviewed hundreds of people globally
· Mentored and Coached people from multiple countries
· Developed and led high performing teams
· Life Coaching Certification
· Cognitive Behavior Certification

Interesting things to know about Helene

· New Zealand is her original home
· She has lived and worked in 4 countries
· She loves to travel and has been to over 70 countries
· The ocean and boating are a passion
· She adores Harry her Maltese pup

Helene’s Personal Philosophy

Live a full, well-traveled life based on a strong set of values that starts with honesty and integrity. Learning from people across different and diverse backgrounds, always respecting culture and beliefs.