Does your athlete need a stronger mindset?

When I was a former MLB baseball player I really struggled with my mindset and the way that I thought about things. I was able to get to the big leagues because I had a lot of talent, although I did work extremely hard, I doubted myself way too much and didn’t trust my ability to play at the highest level.

Fast forward years later, my son who is a senior is going through the same thing and struggles with self-confidence and having a belief in his talent.

The more I have spoken with athletes I realize that we all go through these mental blocks and beliefs at times that we can’t perform and get the job done. This can happen for us both on and off the field in life and I see a huge need to help athletes with their goals and performance.

Does your athlete struggle with the mental game of their sport? Does he/she have stress, anxieties about their performance? Maybe it’s time to hire a coach that works with athletes one on one and helps them build their confidence.

I’d love to chat with you and set up a free 30-minute consultation with you and your athlete to see what they want to work on and how I can help them with my 8-week coaching program.