Does my website make sense? UX

Hello. I am hoping to get some people to give me feedback about my website. I am doing it myself and I want to know if it is intuitive. Do the buttons and tabs make sense and take you to where you expect to go? What kinds of improvements might you suggest?

I wouldn’t be interested in the appearance if there is not much information about the kinds of testing you are basing it on. I would like some references such as review articles. I am a healthy health professional but not young, so I am afraid of an individual recommending exercise that has few elderly for comparison of physiologic response See for example Measurement of the maximum oxygen uptake V̇o 2max: V̇o 2peak is no longer acceptable - PubMed The graphics are hard to zoom into to read the fine print.

Not bad, but needs a little styling. See attachment.

. You want to tell them what they need visually. The use of icons and hi res imagery. Want branding for memory and a sign up for stickiness. I can help.


Thank you! I think this helps. I will think about this more. I want things to be simple.


I think you are asking me to have evidence various fitness programs work for different people? Thank you.

Hi Becca,

Sure, just let me know if you need any help. There are a lot of things you can do with css3, html5. My site is, so a place to find me if you need me.

You did a good job!