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Hi! I’m Francesca from Toronto, Ontario Canada. .

Do you need Intuitive Life Coaching and/or help with your nutrition and overall health?

Look no further. I am here to help you!

I help people experience the joy of communicating and expressing themselves through healthy eating habits and intuitive life and performance mindset coaching.

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I will help you. Here’s how it works:

  • Ask me your question in the comments. If you would like to ask an anonymous question, that’s fine. Please be respectful.
  • If you would like me to take a look at something, post a photo or video. For videos, upload to YouTube then include the video link in the comments.
  • Please give me up to 5 business days to respond to your question.


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  • Price: $75 / hour
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  • Price: $149 / month

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How to buy

  • Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 2 business days by sending you a message on Talktime. You can also log onto my website and sign up immediately and I will personally contact you within 2 business days of signing up.

Interview with Talktime

What’s a fun fact about you?

I love reality TV…I love watching shows when I can for hours and just take a mental break and just laugh…

What can you talk about for hours?

I can talk about health and nutrition for hours upon hours…It is my PASSION!

What’s your favorite smell?

My favourite smell would be lavender. I love the calming and stress relieving properties it holds.

What are you proud of, but never have an excuse to talk about?

I am proud that I was a primary caregiver to my father alongside my mom while my dad was battling cancer. And that I took a whole year off of my life to dedicate to him and his care. I am a daddies girl…what can I say… :smiley:

What’s one super power you would NOT want?

Hmmm, that is a tricky question…we will have to get back to that one… lol
Who doesn’t want super powers lol

What is the most normal thing about you?

*I love staying at home. As much as I love being out and about and being around so many people…I love my family life and my quality time at home.

What do you hate?

OOOh, the H word… I don’t use that in my vocabulary. I dislike people who are not authentic. Life is too short not to be.

Anything else that you’d like to share?

I am a former model who battled an eating disorder and have anxiety…So i get where people are coming from. I also suffered a horrible spine accident that left me partially paralyzed until i had my surgery 2 years ago on my neck…
This is why I went into nutrition and coaching to help people like me as I wish I had the knowledge I know now back then… But if I can help just one person everyday with my genuine stories and struggles I will take it. I am as real as they come. I want to work with people who truly want to better their lives and themselves. And I am a yoga teacher…love love love me my yoga… And my husband and I adore our fur baby Maddy…shes a rescue dog. :dog2:

In my words

It is my mission with each person I connect with is to first understand their personal journey to the present-day, share and educate them with tools and applications to positively guide them into to what I call a ‘pivoting into your growth mindset’.

It is here where these amazing people learn to overcome their ‘ingrained learned behaviours’, become more focused on their own personal journey and give themselves hope and happiness for a better future.

Nutrition, Health and Overall Wellness & Mindset have been my passion for several years.

Through my life journey & my own personal struggles; I have learned to seek help and to realize that there is no shame in asking for guidance or assistance in our own wellness journey.

As a professionally trained and licensed Holistic Nutritionist & Intuitive Life & Performance/Mindset Coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self, new lease on life and try to make some lasting and positive changes that will help you on your life’s journey.

I want to help you change your perception of life so that it is filled with vitality and enthusiasm.

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication. But believe me when I tell you it will be worth it. My personal commitment is to provide you with step by step guidance, accountability, understanding and support while accomplishing lasting growth.

I love what I do, and I would love to get to know what your roadblocks, goals and aspirations are.

If I was your coach: I will be right there beside you helping you create a positive and healthy lifestyle and mindset.

Like I said above…After putting my life, relationships & career on hold to take care of my late father (who was dying of stage 4 cancer) 24/7 for the last year of his life in 2017; It became my mission to be able to help others as I was given so much support and assistance during those hard times.

Throughout my life and throughout that last year of his life that’s when I made the decision to start making changes and pivot in my career full time and that I needed to start to give back. Helping one life at a time, I set it out as my life’s work.

Through my intensive 2 year certification journey and training; it has taught me to not only support and listen to you but also provide you with practical solutions and strategies to address these feelings, aid you in navigating how to let them go and/or live with them and to help heal certain aspects of your health and wellness for a better sense of well-being and life.

From all around holistic nutrition to intuitive life & performance mindset, health and wellness, I will make sure that you have a tailored experience and plan in place for your success. I will be there for you 100% every step of the way!

I look forward to hearing from you and I would be honoured to be your wellness advisor & biggest supporter!

Contact me today and lets get you Connected back to yourself again!

Food For Thought:

‘If you don’t make time for your wellness , you will be forced to make time for your illness’

See you all soon!