Do you want to learn to draw, paint or design?

Hi. My name is Ollie Oliver. ( )

I’m an illustrator and graphic designer. I’m here to offer my services as a drawing and designing coach. I think doodling and designing is fun. When I was little the teacher would talk in a monotone voice " Toooodays lesson is . . . " and I would be doodling life on another planet. If you want to learn about design and illustration but cant afford college or just want to have some creative coaching to explore a new hobby, search no further.

My rate is ($15 for a 30 minute lesson) or ( $30 for a more in depth hour lesson ).
In each lesson we will explore a concept, technique or topic. The object would be to produce something successfully as far the criteria of the lesson which could be built upon in the next lesson or having learned the basics principles one could produce something greater on their own time.

Topics include but are not limited too :
Principles of design
Drawing Comics
Character Design
Concept Art
Adobe Creative Suite
Logo Design
Designing for Shirts
Design a Sign
and or a interest in the creative design world you would like to know about.