Do you want to learn how to fix / adjust clothes to earn extra cash? I'm here to help

My name is Addey, I live in Katy Texas. I am a Fashion Designer/ Garment Constructor/ Alteration Specialist and Stylist.
I specialize in Custom Garment Construction, Illustration, Pattern Drafting, Cutting and Sewing.
I am a person with a strong creativity, curiosity and intuition. These personal characteristics, combined with skills achieved over the years of experience in the fashion field and my education path supports me in continuing my career as a garment constructor, pattern maker and stylist, willingness to give an international cutting edge to my career, expanding my professional skills towards achieving my creative objectives.

My core value is discipline and time consciousness, which makes me adaptable to an ideal environment.

My services:
Custom garment construction / Research and concept development
Clothes alterations, human body measurements, threading and fabric placement
Pattern drafting
Cutting and Sewing.

Who is for?
I am here to teach whoever is interested in earning extra income especially females, stay home moms, grandmas and students.

One to one session:
$20 for 30 minutes

Group lesson:
$20 for 30 minutes, 5 people.

Duration of lesson:
30 minutes per day 3 times a week because of take home tasks.


Cash app & Paypal.

Message me here if you are interested together we win.

Attached are some of my works.



Do you help men to fix their clothes as well? It would be a good idea to learn to mend clothes. I remember when I was in Thailand 4 or 5 years ago, I paid nearly 3 dollars to fix each of my 3 trousers. I know you may think this amount of money is not a big deal but it was a big deal for me 4 years ago. I wish I would have learnt some tricks to fix them myself, especially when I travel away from home with no one like my mom to help me fix my clothes.


Hi Panhchaka, yes I do and I know how it feels like to be struggling with mending clothes :grin:.
I’m here now.

One love!


Addey another excellent piece of your sharing and wonderful work. I love your first dress! I am so glad you write such engaging titles. This is also something you can offer! It’s eye catching. I want to get you some supplies, fabrics and see you shine!

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Awesome, I will be looking forward to working with you.
Thank you so much.

One love!

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