Do you see the unseen?

Have you seen Shadow Spirits? The Greys, or anything Paranormal?


Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce that I just launched my online Paranormal help group.

We will address the reasons why you are seeing these shadows/ghosts/apparitions/poltergeists and what is your role in seeing them. You will learn how to control the experiences, how to get rid of them if you want to, or how to unify your living space with them.

With everything happening with the pandemic, I’m offering free 1-on-1 consultations on Talktime for the next 72 hours. Here’s how it works. Visit the link below and ask me anything in the comment section. I will reply within 24 hours with a personal response. My going rate is $120 an hour. I’m happy to help for free. Just ask me your questions on Talktime.

If you would like me to take a look at something, upload a video to YouTube. Next, include your YouTube video URL in the comments section. I will review your video and give you actionable feedback. Please give me an additional 24 - 48 hours to give feedback on video submissions.

Fun fact about me
I saw my first premonition at age 7. I’m 1/8th Cherokee and my Lakota Aunty taught me about Oneness through all things after my experience. I was raised Judo-Christian with Metaphysics and Native American ancestry.

Howdy, I’m Katie, a native Coloradoan. I’m a wife, a mother of two living children and have experienced the loss of two miscarriages and one stillborn child. I believe grief affects us all differently and when we can shed life’s limitations we can heal from the inside out. I offer Interfaith Spiritual Therapy, Weddings, and Memorials.

I have written a beginner’s guide article on LinkedIn talking about the Shadow People/Shadow Spirits.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Thank you,
Rev. Katie :innocent:


Hello Katie,
I would be interested in the free 1-on-1 consultation.
Kind Regards
Roberto B.

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Hello Roberto,

Thanks for responding. What is your question?

Please email or text me the best time and day for your free 20 minute consultation.

In light,
Rev. Katie Yavuz
720-270-8161 MST Colorado 10am to 10pm

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