Do you need a Transformation?

I offer a listening ear, open mind & a kind heart… I can give you advice if that’s what you need…If not, we can figure it all out…
I offer 4 - 5 (30 minute) sessions/ on a weekly basis.
You will experience a Transformation (big word, I know) But if you stay focused with me and have a true intention/ or intentions in your heart. If you stay on the path of your journey; your personal journey, with me as your guide (think of me as your sherpa as you climb a mountain, your mountain)… then maybe, you will experience a Transformation.
There’s no guarantees about it, because everything is up to you and your willingness to dig deep.


  • (what do I have to offer?)

I am Jessica May. I am a teacher - a Special Educator at a public middle school in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. I am a loving wife, mother of 2 beautiful children who are grown up now and achieving their best life possible…

I am also a SINGER/SONGWRITER on the side - I love to write songs, poetry, journals and I am currently working on my first children’s book and a second book in progress which is a memoir.
When not too busy teaching kiddos in school, I pick up my guitar and sing & write songs.
I find this an effective therapy for me…a natural way of expressing myself.

I have weathered a lot in life; some childhood trauma, post-partum depression which led to a diagnosis of Bi-polar disorder. I beat depression – at first through a combination therapy of medication through the years, talk therapy and a change in lifestyle by reducing my stress levels. My husband and I had to make some serious lifestyle changes that required us to decide to relocate to a less fast-paced suburban life in the Atlanta area, Georgia. We had to leave the stressful city life of New York City. And with the help of some life mentors/coaches - again, through the years, and the practice of meditation, daily mindfulness and Yoga; I can proudly say that I am over my medication, I feel like I don’t need them anymore…It was supposed to be a prescription of Abilify (low dose) for LIFE, and I couldn’t see that happening, I wanted to get back to my true 100% SELF, with my highs and lows and everything else in between….I feel like I have a much better control of my mind now and where it wants to wander. I will let it wander where it may, but now I know how to hold in the reins when I need to be getting back to a daily reality, not to keep on daydreaming .… I have now arrived at a comfortable, more balanced, and a lot more calm and peaceful existence.

All in all, I have been through the fire and have managed to keep my sanity, balance and my family & friends intact. I believe that I have a mission now to share this skill or gift whatever you want to call it, with whoever needs my help… whether through life coaching on any mental health issues, coaching/mentoring on how to cope and be successful with learning disabilities or even just daily struggles that can block one’s creativity.
I am living proof that when you have the will to heal and keep on focusing on your life’s journey… You will eventually get there! Sometimes all it takes is a little help, which I am here to offer.

What kind of virtual coaching / teaching am I offering?


Per 30 minute rate/ minimum of 4-5 sessions
at $50/per 30 mins. session

Payments accepted

Venmo : @Jessica-Velasquez-74

How to buy

  • Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 2 business days by sending you a message on Talktime & schedule your coaching sessions with me.
  • Based on what we discuss from your direct message, I can offer a free first consultation or a 50% off (discount on your first LIVE session with me). I am very excited to take this journey with you…


What’s a fun fact about me?

“in my younger days, back in college at the University of the Philippines. With my UP Mountaineer friends, I was able to climb & summit 4 mountains. Our first initiation climb was Mt. Maculot (elev. 3,107 ft.) and my last highest mountain in the Philippines that I have ever climbed was the beautiful Mt. Pulag, in Benguet province, top of Luzon island (elev. 9,606 ft., the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines – it took about 3 days to summit on a slow hike and about 2 days coming down resting & camping over 2 nights)."

What’s your favorite smell?
patchouli & nag-champa

(more links about me to follow later:) * I am a work-in-progress, just like you.