Do you know the power of Healing of Mantra words

450 BC Buddhist Story

The city of Vesali was afflicted by a famine, causing death, especially to the poor folks. Due to the presence of decaying corpses the evil spirits began to haunt the city; this was followed by a pestilence. Plagued by these three fears of famine, non-human beings and pestilence, the citizens sought the help of the Buddha who was then living at Rajagaha.

Thereupon the Buddha delivered this Discourse on the Jewels (Ratana Sutta) to the Venerable Ananda, and gave him instructions as to how he should tour the city with the Licchavi citizens reciting the discourse as a mark of protection to the people of Vesali. The Venerable Ananda followed the instructions, and sprinkled the sanctified water from the Buddha’s own alms bowl. As a consequence, the evil spirits were exorcised, the pestilence subsided. Thereafer the Venerable Ananda returned with the citizens of Vesali to the Public Hall where the Buddha and his disciples had assembled awaiting his arrival. There the Buddha recited the same Discourse on the Jewels to the gathering.

Some people think Buddhist or Christian prayers are not true . Some people laugh at this. This has challenged with the findings of Dr Masaru Emoto on Human Consciousness and Water.

I was telling UK friends this works for corona too. Blessed water drinking or spay will have amazing results.

How come Sri Lanka has better protection from corona? We have Buddhist chanting every day all over the country. This is part of corona recovery process. International People will not still believe this.

Srilankan government took wise step to chant ‘Ratana Sutta ‘ as Buddha’s advice. During this one year we have protected srilanka with the help of health, religious, defense and other departments.

So this proves the ancient techniques such as Law of attraction and chanting’s power

Corona is a germ which falls in to evil spirit. It has own mini consciousness. It’s under the Mara the demon King. The only one who defeat the Mara and all demos in this world is Lord Gautama Siddhartha Buddha according the history. It’s through power of Nirvana& Enlightenment . So In front of Buddha’s power, Mara has less power.

I think corona is a germ send by Mara or other bad aliens to kill people / destroy the earth.

There are tree Bad alien in Buddhism - Vepachitti Asua , Paraharada Asua, and Rahu Asura . So people who believe spiritually can ask help form gods or Buddha against evil spirits.

Ratana Sutta is a Buddha’s healing Mantra with energy words. Its Buddha’s thought. So you can re programme your neurons system with this words. This will act like virus guard in your brain.

This is not like vaccine , oral treatment or inhale treatment . This is 2500 year old mental treatment which found by buddha for many deceases. So he is a innovator from Nepal. The credits go to Nepal too.