Do you feel lonely for the holidays? 💔

People often feel lonely, especially during the holidays, because people are emotional beings who seek a sense of belonging. And that’s okay, but ask yourself if you would rather spend the holidays in a low-quality society than alone?

Maybe being alone is a message that the universe is telling you that you need to change something in yourself, or the universe has simply moved negative people out of your life to make space for better people who will come to you. Sometimes it is good to be alone because it gives you time to work on yourself, to improve yourself in the fields where you want. Believe me… the best ideas in the world were born when people were totally alone, then you get some “extra” strength, some instinct that awakens the best in you.

If you don’t believe me, believe in the words of the greatest scientist who has ever walked on the earth, Nikola Tesla. :arrow_up:

Don’t look at it in the way “OMG, I’m alone, it’s so hard for me, I need someone”, it’s a trap, you will fall into depression, but look at the situation in a much more positive way “I finally have time to dedicate to myself”. Believe me… you are the only person who has always been there and gone through different things both good and bad but you are still here, stronger than ever. Every morning when you get up and look in the mirror, remember that only the person you see in the mirror was with you, so thank yourself, kiss yourself, kiss your hand, treat yourself the same way to treat the person you love the most in the world… because you deserve it. Because you are the person you need to love more than anyone else and only then everyone else. You cannot love others until you love yourself. Only when you love yourself will many other things be clear to you, it will help you understand other people but also the world around you. Use that time to spoil yourself.

You have noticed in nature for sure that when is one fruit rotten ( for example an apple) if it is leaning on a healthy fruit, that rotten part will infect a healthy apple and spoil it, and then the healthy apple will also become rotten in a very short time.

Rotten and healthy apple

Well, you see, it’s the same with people, if you are in bad company, it will transmit negative energy to you, and that negative energy will affect you and start to charge you for the worse, and you will be in worse and worse situations if you continue to be with that kind of people, so I honestly tell you it’s not bad to be alone. You have a situation where people are lonely even when they are in company, do you really want that for yourself? Of course not. Fill yourself with love and start vibrating at that level and you will see very soon how some new interesting people will enter your life who have similar thoughts as you, who love the same things as you, have the same interests as you.

You are the best you can give to yourself, if you do not satisfy yourself, how will you manage to satisfy others around you? If you always put other people in the first place or in front of you, in front of your desires and in front of your needs, maybe it’s time to change that and start putting yourself on the pedestal, in the first place, in the spotlight but I won’t lie to you, many won’t like your behavior, but honestly, who cares if they like it or not? It is important that you like that feeling, that you are important, that you are worthy of attention … because you are. Don’t be discouraged or intimidated when such behavior of yours is criticized by other people because you change and it won’t suit them because they are no longer in the first place on your list.

If you see such things it is best to leave such an environment. A toxic environment creates toxic people just as a nice and pleasant environment creates warm and pleasant people but when you are alone then you create that environment yourself, you are the creator and it depends on you, on your energy how the environment will become.

Much love :heart: