Do you feel free or like a slave? Honestly 🤔

As I promised this post is a continuation of the last post “Money has no value”.
I already mentioned in that post that most people want money but is that so?
Most people want freedom, love, belonging… And they think money will make it all come true for them.

Money allows you to buy things in order to live and function in life, but the feeling of freedom, love, belonging cannot buy with money, you have to feel it in yourself to attract it. As I have already written in some of the previous posts. Attract what you have inside you if you want love, feel love, give love to everything around you and love will come back to you but a little advice, don’t do it because you expect something in return… then you don’t give love, you sell it. If you give something to someone and in return you expect that person to say at least “thank you”, you did not give that thing, you sold it because you expect someone to give you something in return.

But let’s get back to the topic for this post. Do you feel free?

A very interesting question isn’t it?

Maybe you think or most people think it’s free but let’s take a look at that topic, shall we?

From the moment of your birth, they give you the name, surname, landmarks of the country in which you were born, the anthem,…. Etc. None of these things were chosen by you but were given to you, or rather imposed. Immediately the environment tells you what to hate and what to love, who is good and who is bad, the division between races (classification of people and labeling of races) and the most famous phrase “you have to work hard to have a lot of money” or "only bad people have a lot of money ”or“ money corrupts people ”There are many more examples but we will stop here. Now that you read all this, do you see how “limited” you are at the very beginning, or more precisely, by accepting all these things as truths, your brain limits itself to the average person because society has “ordered” it to do so. Man’s natural instinct is to adapt to the environment for fear of being expelled from the community and characterized as a traitor. Most people agree to all these “conditions” because of their affiliation. Many people try to resist the whole situation, but for fear of being criticized by society or the community, they decide to stay where they are.

This continuation of “programming” continues at a later period, through TV programs. You see in the word itself, the program tells you that someone is programming you the way they want, they give you only the information that will limit you and sometimes some good news to “enlighten your mood” at least a little. As soon as you get home from work you turn on the TV right? Don’t turn it on, don’t let them tell you who you are and what you are and how much you can, turn off the TV and start believing in your dreams, in your abilities, start working on them, because every second that passes is a second that it will never come back, invest it in yourself and in your dreams, “spend” it wisely and not in vain.

Today, it is very easy to “limit” people because TV and the Internet are available to almost everyone today, but scrolling on social networks, watching the news, watching Netflix will not take you where you want. Wake up. You are surrounded by information that is designed to make you “obedient citizens” (slaves) because this is the only way you are good for them.

Did you know that only 4% of the population on the entire globe controls 96% of income (money)?
In other words, 4% of people control the other 96% of people, you wonder how?

You work for them, they give you salaries, they give you rules of conduct in the company and society. And if you are disobedient, the punishment follows the same principle as in the slave society, except that freedom is seemingly present here, you think you are free because you can choose between two types of ice cream. , or what kind of pizza you want to bring home. The difference between a slave society and today is that slaves had no rights, here you have “some” rights controlled by the government (and if it doesn’t suit them they change the rules of the game), if slaves were disobedient they would get whipped, here if you are disobedient, you get a punishment (fines, imprisonment, etc.) depending on the “gravity of the offense”, which is again determined by the one who is judging you, right? All this is arranged only to be obedient and to obey the rules.
Fake promises

The school system has not changed in the last 100 years. Look at the cars from a hundred years ago and look at them today, are they the same? Then why doesn’t the school system change for the better? Because this system of education has so far given the results they need it. You are still taught at school, to listen, to be silent, sit, get up, you are punished… even at school you feel programming, only here they call it “system” which is one and the same.

Now many of you will say but school is good, what would people do without school?

The richest people in the world and the most famous actors did not even finish high school, some of them wanted to have “diplomas” but only after they became rich. You do not believe me? Explore the internet and see for yourself, you will be surprised. How they became successful and rich because they chose not to listen to the system but to believe in themselves, whatever someone told them they did not listen to it.

Therefore, my dear ones, do not listen to anyone and start believing in yourself.

Wake up, because only you control your life, only what you decide and what you want will happen to you, life has no limits other than those you set for yourself.

Much love :heart:


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No doubt about that, I thought this was a common sense…
We are imprisoned within whatever entity you are a part of; be it society or corporations.

More interestingly, this behavior can often be observed in an individual family as well.

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Just like that, as I have already written … the mentality of a winner and freedom is instilled from childhood, you can reprogram it later, but it is a little difficult because some beliefs have to be rejected and replaced with another one.