Do you fear checking your bank account?

Hi! My name is Mariah and I am a Mental Health Counselor, Somatic Hypnotherapist, and Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, at your service. I offer an intra-psychic exploration into your relationship with money. I will assist you in locating and clearing dysfunctional money patterns and belief systems that keep you financially stuck and drain the joy from your life. Think of me as your private investigator of the subconscious mind. My role is to help you locate, identify, and clear the unconscious forces driving your metaphorical money machine so that money works for you - not the other way around.

What I offer:

  • The Alchemical Money Coaching Program - $1500.00
    4 weeks (1.5 hour sessions/week)
    Behavioral, depth, and archetypal money coaching with the use of hypnosis and NLP for
    deep psychic clearing and money behavior re-patterning
  • Money Coaching Aftercare - $300
    1.5 hours
    Individual money coaching calls on a need basis
  • The Alchemical Psyche Coaching Program - $1250.00
    4 weeks (1.5 sessions/week)
    Deep Dive into Psyche with Hypnotic Coaching
    This program is like a nourishing balm to any soul wound. Calms and restores the spirit
    Ideal for locating blocks, that have been hard to identify and clear through regular
    therapy or coaching
  • Embodied Hypnotherapy: Individual Session - $200
    1.5 hours
    A deep exploration into the unconscious images of the body to clear limiting belief
    systems and blockages of all kinds.

Contact info:

I can assist you to:

  • Overcome debt and get off the hamster wheel of stress
  • Conquer habits of mindless purchasing (Amazon addiction, anyone?)
  • Feel worthy in your skin and your bank account
  • Become financially independent
  • Develop sound money communication for couples
  • Overcome money fears and phobias
  • Harness the freedom of discipline in your relationship to money
  • Become financially responsible
  • Make powerful money choices
  • Trust your money choices
  • Create more joy in your life

Why Money Coaching?:

We tend to fear what we do not understand. Once you gain clarity and an understanding of what archetypes drive your dysfunctional money behaviors, you will be able to reprogram new, healthy patterns and behaviors in your relationship to money.

Americans are not taught about money in school. Money’s true nature is a mystery to most. The average working family learns money education through osmosis; so much is either missed, or taken for granted. Without a clear understanding of why we get stuck in money habits and patterns, it is unlikely that we ever get out of them. Only through a clear, conscious understanding of our money compartments, can we create new behavioral cycles and patterns in our lives

No, there is nothing wrong with you if you find yourself plateaued when it comes to money. You have simply picked up some habits and beliefs that are limiting. Like most core belief systems, limiting belief systems around money are usually inherited through a multi-generational transmission process passed down through family, culture, and society. Limiting money beliefs often drive our money behaviors on autopilot. Without the awareness of the source driving our money behaviors, our relationship to it can feel very challenging.

By creating new, functional neurological pathways, and abandoning old dysfunctional ones, it is entirely possible to change your relationship with money, and therefore, change your whole life.

Wouldn’t it feel liberating to feel financially supported in your life?

To get out of debt?

To stop living paycheck to paycheck?

To be financially independent and responsible?

To live a joyful and abundant life?

It is more available to you than you might imagine.

The truth is, money is an integral part of our lives and one that is here to stay. So much of what we are able to experience in life depends on money. Wouldn’t it be worth gaining control over money so that it no longer controls you?

Money is energy. By shifting your energetic relationship to money, your money will begin working for you and not the other way around. By harnessing a healthy relationship to money, you can break the debt-enslavement cycle that has kept you living in reaction and limitation and finally live a life of financial empowerment.

You are a living, breathing, energy-being, embodied here to enjoy all the beauty and splendor this 3-dimensional world has to offer. You have the opportunity to live a life of deep purpose, joy, and greatness. I can help you clear what blocks you from getting there.