DIG into your past for the TRUE answers & Solve your own issues

Every single psychological issue or beautiful part of US, stems from our childhood.
WOW, I know you have probably heard this before, but there’s more…

This is not an opinion, it is scientifically proven through years of research and therapy.
Whatever happened to you in the first 7 years of your life, literally developed who you are today. How you deal with any and all of life issues, comes from this part of your deep psyche.
Whether that was a good experience or a bad one.
You are making decisions consciously and unconsciously based on this experience.

In healing myself these last few months, I have done some deep digging, remembering and evaluation of what really happened in my first 7 years of life.
It’s given me so much power over my current situation.

This has been something I have heard or read before over the years, but hadn’t really applied it until now.

This is absoltuley powerful.

Sometimes a proper therapist can get you there, sometimes they totally skip over this part and try to solve your issues in the ‘now’ as if they were recently developed or created.

They are missing the vital ingredients in helping you heal your wounds.

Some of us can come to this conclusion alone and start to heal through books and videos.
Some of us need the assistance of others or a professional.
Neither is right or wrong.
There is no order.
Whatever works for you and your story, that is what’s RIGHT.

NONE of your issues you are currently dealing with NOW are from now, they are from your childhood.

Self assurance
Allowing yourself to be happy or miserable

IF we look back into our past, we will see the shortcoming or the beauty.

Even if you are psychologically sound and healthy. It is worth to look into your past and find the “WHY”.
The reason this is important awareness, is so that you can mimic this into your children’s lives w/ friends, partners etc.

I am an open ear for anyone needing a push in this direction.
I have been healing myself alone and with professionals for over 20 years.

Much Love.