Daily calories based on activity level

The amount of calories that should be consumed daily are dependent on the activity levels that we engage in. A 25 years old who sits in a desk all day and engages in very limited physical activity would have a very different caloric needs than a 25 years old who is an ultramarathon runner and runs multiple kms each day. It is also different for men vs women.

In general, the chart below outlines the amount of calories that are required daily for different activity levels for men and women.

Activity level Men daily calories Women daily calories
Light activity 17kcal/lb body weight 16kcal/lb body weight
Moderate activity 19kcal/lb body weight 17kcal/lb body weight
High activity 23kcal/lb body weight 20kcal/lb body weight

Remember that a kcal is 1000cal and this chart uses pounds of body weight.

While this doesn’t outline the amount of macronutrients (carbs, protein, fats) that those calories should be of, it does outline how many calories they should have. It can be used for children over the age of 10 as well.

Usually most sedentary people consume too many calories, and high activity athletes consume too few calories. This can be an easy way to ensure you are consuming the amount of calories relative to your activity level. Ensure you are calculating this daily based on your activity level that day, otherwise you could be eating more on a day that you are lighter in your activity levels.

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