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I can bring your video, commercial, etc to life with custom music tracks. I have composed and produced music for video game, short film, commercial. My music is played on streaming platforms including on dozen plus playlists on Spotify.

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  • $15 / 30 seconds of Music
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Please first consider and answer these questions

  1. What is the purpose of the track?
  2. What is a reference track for this?
  3. What genre do you have in mind?
  4. What style do you have in mind?

Hello, just curious if you’ve ever done music for ballet classes.

I do enjoy doing waltzes and ballet type music.

Here are a few examples:
(Let me know if you can’t hear them on Spotify)

Waltz of Daughters (Piano)

Farthest Star (Piano / Synth) (4/4)

Gilesby’s Theme (Orchestral - Accordion Concerto) (3/4)

Oh - How could I forget?..Here a short ballet we did with some young ballerina’s in Texas…
Lilies of the Field

I already checked out the first one and it was lovely :heart_eyes:. I will definitely need to check out the rest.

I was just more curious if you ever thought to put together an album for a full class, not a performance but the workout that ballet dancers do to stay in shape. There is a specific progression of exercises, each requiring a specific tempo, meter and dynamic quality.

If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about you can watch this to get an idea of it.

Thanks Cara for the suggestion.
I have looked into it some.

A long treaty
Short summary

Another short summary

I also looked on Spotify to see what is available.

  1. From your perspective from many years of experience and lots of time spent in practice what do you see as a need?

  2. Or what would you like to have available?

  3. Is it mostly to do with having more variety?

  4. It appears to be almost exclusively piano music. Is that correct?

  5. I have seen repertoires pulling from classical, show music, and even modern pop music.

  6. Does this matter or what is best?

  7. Is it important that the melodies are recognizable or not necessarily?

Great questions. The melodies don’t have to be recognizable, although that is fun in a way, but original music is nice too. Sometimes I find it frustrating when an album doesn’t have enough allegro for jump combinations. The tempo basically has to be just right to work (very quick), otherwise you won’t be able to get off the floor!! And it has to make you want to jump. One album I have has a track thats the right tempo, but it makes me feel nervous and stressed.

A beautiful adagio with a sweeping melody is always inspiring. Waltzes are necessary as well, when I’m teaching beginners, they are often too fast for me to be able to teach them the step because they are just learning it. Sometimes I end up having to just count, or I sing Edelweiss :rofl:

Also, because waltzes always have so much rubato that can really throw a beginner off as they’re trying to learn the step (although I admit its more interesting artistically).

It doesn’t have to be just piano, either. Scott Killian has some albums that are digitally orchestrated. Something different and unique would probably be welcomed and appreciated. Dancers need to be inspired by the music!

Let me know if I can answer any more questions or help in any other way. Nancy Malmed, the woman who owns the studio where I teach, has produced several albums, although she hasn’t put any out in many years. I think she was one of the first to produce ballet class music!

Thanks. This is a really interesting discussion.

On Rubato:

Having no rubato or minimal would make it much easier for me to produce actually.

With modern music production techniques music can be created to a very strict timing - thus the challenge for me is sometimes adding back in the rubato. But it makes sense that for practice purposes, especially for beginners just trying to hear the timing, having a robotic timing like to a metronome is perhaps preferable.

The only set back I see is the part you said about how the music still needs to be inspiring, so there could be times when adding a little back in would be good to preserve the emotion.

Does that sound right?

You are saying it needs right temp, with the feel being exciting and fun to want to jump - instead of urgent and anxious?

Genre / Instrumentation
I love piano and orchestral music.
But in the interest of being new and unique.
What do you think of also hybrid orchestral with modern sounds?
What about pop type music?
What about pop music with drums, or electronic drums or even hip hop sounds etc?
It seems it could at a certain point take away from the graceful spirit of a lot of ballet dance if not careful?

Yes, you understand me correctly on all points. As far as using the types of music that you mentioned, I think anything goes as long as the sound isn’t heavy. People think of ballet as fluid, and it is mostly, but actually it can also can be staccato, there are times when that is needed, especially for certain exercises like frappé at the barre. But ballet is about defying gravity. I can think of one well known example of very heavy ballet music, the Dance of the Knights from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, but all they do in that part of the ballet is March in walk slowly in unison and act intimidating…lol.