Creative Writing coaching to make your story amazing

I’m Scott
Price for writing help: $65/hr

I love adventures and the stories that come with them. I’m a veteran of the USCG, I’ve traveled all around the world, and I’ve gathered some great tales. I devour books, and wanted to turn my love for reading into a profession, so I started proofreading, which then led me to get my Creative Writing for Entertainment BFA. Now I publish a motorcycle magazine, and have two comic book stories to my name.

Courbet punch skitch

We’ll punch your writing in the face, and turn it into a work of art.

I live in Western NY, and if you are an aspiring writer, or just someone who wants to improve your writing skills, I want to be your coach. Together we will walk through honing your craft as a writer.

I enjoy working with anyone who is a lifelong student and truly desires to learn and improve. I work best with someone who doesn’t bristle at my advice, and understands I have their best interests at heart. Criticism is difficult to receive, but it’s necessary for growth as a writer.

If you’ve written a story - or, just started a story, or WANT TO start a story - but need some help, let’s talk.

When we’re done, you’ll recognize GOOD writing, and will have the tools to start improving your work.

If you want to tell your story, I want you to tell it well. I recognize the burning desire to see your story come to life, and I know the frustration that comes from struggling to string words together. Everyone needs another set of eyes and ears, and I want to be that person.

I’ve proofread and edited all make and manner of written word - from memorial plaques to friends’ fantasy novels, and I know what good writing is. My degree in creative writing gave me the skills to understand what makes a good short story, movie, novel, comic book, or whatever form your tale takes. I was also the recipient of four Course Director’s Awards, including World Building, and Comic Books. I likewise have two comic stories to my name.

You can see them here -

Motoclectic Magazine
Steam Patriots

We’re going to have fun. This isn’t English 101. (Did I mention I host a weekly live stream for Silverline Comics? We have a blast talking about just about everything.)

I love to goof around, but I’ll tell you if something is terrible. We’ll joke around, but we can’t mince words when we’re mincing your words. No matter what, we’ll work together to make your work beautiful.

How? Do the work! Read, read, and read some more. Don’t treat your story like it’s your baby - we’re going to be ruthless, and you have to be willing to make hard decisions.

Do you want to work together? Send me a DM. If you still want to work with me after we chat, we’ll discuss payment. After that goes through, we’ll schedule a meeting to plan our future.

Paypal or Venmo please.

Here is my LinkedIn profile, if you were wondering -
LinkedIn Profile

Oh, and a fun fact about me? I was a radio host for a classical music program on KRBD Ketchikan, Alaska.


YESSSSSSS! You the man Scott. Love the listing. Do you teach how to ride a motorcycle as well? Could you teach me how to ride and how to write at the same time? Do you think if I learned a new skill like riding that it could help me with my creative writing?

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I can certainly teach people how to ride motorcycles. I’ll have to chew on how that would actually work…
Do you want me to teach you how to simultaneously ride and write, or do you want me to teach writing while I ride? In any case, I think it sounds a little dangerous! :grin:
BUT! I am a firm believer that motorcycles make life better in almost every way, and riding always clears my mind, fills me with excitement, puts life in perspective, gives me great friends and great stories, and absolutely helps me with my writing.

Please teach writing while you ride :slight_smile: I would totally be engaged for the entire time!

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I’m sincerely thinking about the logistics of this. I would need to rig my GoPro to see my face (or helmet), and then my helmet microphone could record my voice, but it’s possible. In any case, it will have to wait a few months until things warm up again in Western NY.