Creative strategy, Personal Enrichment

Are you seeking a way to achieve goals plans or organize your life and structure your passions? I am here to assist people creatively obtain their goals and plans with insightful consultations in akasha cards, discipline in creative storyboards, entrepreneurship plans, and achievement organizing. Besides an intuitive and insightful strategy for problem-solving and designing management plans, I can assist you in understanding your life path, career love preparation, and self-awareness for business and creative wellness.

My first consultations of 10 mins are complimentary and with screening, we can create designed budget plans for beneficial blessings and or exchange barter of services goods, work plans as well as blessing/offerings for continued consultation progress. Also, those who are interested in barter free exchange can gain by referral and exchange mins and or future collaboration.

I am willing to offer an up to 45 min complimentary consultation on any of my services in hopes for a referral (a free ten min session for each one or a percentage based blessing to you) or testimony and mini paragraph of your experience if you enjoyed the work and believe it’s considered a valuable offer to pass my services to others with your blessing.

Of course, I am open to any blessing in exchange for paypal or barter as a gift card, yet this is truly how I could offer kindness by doing this for you while also helping you in any request that could also be met by me in exchange is possible, do to the challenges many are facing these days.

Services I offer:

First in my lifestyle series:

Personal enrichment, development, creative strategy, life/self-designing, transformation metamorphosis via quantum mechanics, creative strategy series for life enrichment/personal enjoyment, desire manifesting, living authentically, enjoying passion, desire, and sensual self-reflection, dream/goal defining self as a lifestyle, creative improve, intention building/clarity refining, passion/enjoyment/self-discovery journey’s, planning/blueprint/constructing ideals, sensual personal boundary factors, self-exploration series, refining absolute self alignments, embodiments, life realities manifesting, personification, absolute enrichment, emotional identity completions, sensory/feeling activities, Self Mastery.

Offering life lessons in trans-formative insights to personal development:

As One- In this example you will become the one as if you are as you will be, know yourself and how to arise above conflict-ions. V.A.M.E offers you the lesson to self realize and embrace what you truly are as the one who achieves. Emphasize your limitless truth, remove fear and blocks see the way of attainment, and be guided to it in the world you wish for. Visualize and accomplish your dreams by knowing how and what they are.

Advance Shifting In Transformation- In this example you redefine yourself, redirect your life and mind and learn to know how you can shift your thoughts and perceptions. The discipline here is building belief and truth of your mind and attaining how you can believe in your transformation.

Self Majesty as I guide you as Majestry- Here in this ideal, we ask you the question, what are the keys to Self Majesty I become as I guide you to Majesty? V.A.M.E will teach you that you are the notes for which you define your own sound. This emulation is self-reflection that motivates you beyond what you’ve read and learned. This introspects your challenges and shows you the I which is you that can and will take you there. This is a self-awareness assessment and an evaluation lesson developed to glimpse into your own personal development and its requirements.

TAUGHT BY EYE as majestry

Majestry is the true means of royalty power and success everything defined to the world with infamous power and respect, the meaning holds the power of wealth as well.

Guide And Arise With Personal ME ditation- This is a centering and reflection perspective for those who ask for assistance in a one of a kind personal space and Meditation. This centering perfection has deep self analogy analytics with some toning and singing share as well. It can also begin with the rhyme and reasoning and questionnaire assessment for personal evaluations in the meaning of your life. This experience is based on visualization techniques so if you believe you can achieve your personal liberation this perfection can show you can. So break free of limits, align and breath, stretch, ascend, and arrive at your highest potential. I will customize sound and harmonize with song, rhythm, personal hymns, and chants.

Unique Individual Expression- This is a creative and unusual self-reflective of the norm techniques in understanding the uniqueness of you. Bring what you like to show others as you offer a piece of you as extended-expression. Learn how to appreciate yourself and what you can share with others about your unique nature and individuality. Show your authentic self-expression that you love and enjoy as you attain praise from others. This example helps you grow confidence, find a deeper knowledge about who you are. Learn how you share yourself overcome insecurities, gain confidence, and see what you can offer to others they appreciate about you.

Sound Vibration Attune-tunes- Interpretation of actual sound, harmonic vibrations, and light sound in essentials. You are taught the effects of sound/lights, color, and music and how it affects consciousness and the body. V.A.M.E will teach you how to utilize music theory and music for wellness as a tool for self-development and achievement.

Dna and Memory Quantum Jumping Assessment- In this experience you are guided in a visual understanding of program removal, energetic awareness, and heart consciousness truth. That means you learn what you show others and see what you are around and to others. You learn how you share and interact with others by your moods which transfers into energetics’. You will learn how you become a vibe and how to change it through your own self-love and heart. You will be given the tools to trace your energetic fractals which are the negative congruent vibes that come from emotions you have which are not transmuted to benefit you. This discipline teaches you to do that and let go of constrictions, to be the person you desire, and utilize this in beneficial ways.

Spiritual Services

Reactions of creative authenticity of designing your self in imagination and aligning a lifestyle which reflects this is my contribution’s.

As so in interactions, décor, dress, self-definition, and genetic imprinting, ambiance, era/craft, as hobbies are some of my derivatives of what is unfolding for services to you is my main goal this week. This is clarified much more in my worksheets/journey transformations which gets you to the core of having enjoyment in the way you interact with your own imagination. This is the accomplishment of my thinking outside the box, core definition and style designing to my improve and consultation creative journey’s that will help you achieve self-mastery.

Private 1-on-1

$60+per hour depending on services/style

custom prices via evaluation

$25 per half hour basic consultations of spiritual advising (life career, love natural birth masculine/feminine- law monogamy/matrimony twin flame, business, spiritual gifts, skill analysis, financial progression, ) via Akasha Deck, cards, readings of past present, scrying, oracle trance.

Sacred intensives:

Indigenous and Aegyptana work and alignments including the central sun and authentic galactic en-codement designing.

Prices are to be discussed and are unique per client request

Starting at $60.00 to $360.00 basic and 3,000 and up for intensives, as seen more in explaining soon, yet please feel free to inquire about these mystical experiences.

All new clients begin with a 10 min free consultation and screening to see if I can do a session or series with you and we align in principles/morals etc. to define together

150/per hour 1/2 to two hours of Galactic source sessions in Astro-matrix and Universal astrology, blueprint encodings.

(source galactic readings of star chart 12/13/14 chart systems through galactical Akashic scrying/crystal ball and or galaxy teleportation series where I am in a shamanic trance.)

I will be updating more services in this soon please stay tuned!

How to buy

Please email me at
do discuss options and sessions and we will do the 10 min screening then Payoneer is excepted or PayPal.

Ask questions in the comments, direct message me if interested.

I will be adding much more to my services section soon but I am starting with my lessons and blueprint classics first, keep an eye on my updates here in terms of DNA/Genealogy and Psychometry, travel and guide, puzzle ventures, and mystical experiences and adventure tours.

Fun fact about me

I love vintage and rummaging and finding unique shop items and especially libraries and old book stores. My favorite things include finding old/relic/vintage/restored clothes/items/artifacts and antiques and doing improve in time era. I enjoy practicing time travel in these ways while working on manifesting interdimensional interactions.

I love the 17-1900’s Victorian eras and imagination/creative love and refining lifestyle through the fantasy realms. The most important part of me is my desire for humanitarian respect which also has a flair for advocacy and defense. I love mustard lol a weakness, and I am deathly allergic to Gluten and Iodine!
I love traditions/travel/art/music dance I am assured I am able to orchestrate any instrument masterfully. I will update my services for music and art as well, very soon.


Daniele has studied with edX at Berkeley College of Music for Music Production, Vocal Recording, Music Theory, Music for Wellness, Intro to Music Business, Creative Entrepreneurship, Business studies on the horizon as well as Artistic Applications in Team Management. Certified in paleography (the study of ancient manuscript and language), photoshop as certified in detections, ministries training, private sector training and credentials, tracking and location, star education and prodigy/savant studies at Temple University, testing for superhuman skills and anomaly abilities, includes stargate project, telekinetic, precognition, teleportation/astral projection, detection profiling, mind reading, telepathy, intuitive/empathy scrying, trance bi-locating/ESP/remote viewing and remote stalking detection, spiritual investigator and spiritism, psychometry studies for detection services, casework, and mock trials and jury/selection and law training studies, research and field duty and studies, including anthropology and theology based paleography manuscript reading and theorist.

Multi musical savant and extrasensory prodigy

Quantum Mind Alignments and thought/belief/perception directives for positive affirmation tactics. I have certification in Archetypal Energy Healing Expressive Arts and I am an ordained Creative Artist with ministry training.

Universal Minister Reverend

Reiki Practitioner One Two Degrees
I have participated in Native American and workshops in Quantum Physics and mind development courses for personal enrichment and achievement. Across numerous lands in the west and midwest including on many Native Reservations

I have been a business, career, life, and personal development adviser for over 21 years.


I believe I have some, I hope you can get a chance to experience, contribute, or witness them with me! :slight_smile:

Who this is for

Anyone seeking a guide or visionary seer/oracle and trained business developing creative strategist. Those who need clarity, reflection, delivery of personal authenticity, or creative drive for success.

What I will do

My sessions and time with me is unique to each person/style and reading in the source. So I strive to provide an extensive welcome to those who understand and are wanting to be outside of the box and not limited or fearful of being able to provide a safe haven for personal enrichment and authenticity of purpose.

When I work, many times I will see beyond the veil pick up on messages and truth from the other side, this includes my services I will be offering in psychometry, relic and DNA/migration and or family design and how it affects and implies personally to one’s life. So this is many times part of the process. After I screen you I ask we sign a release and some formal documents to document and design the best secure parameter around what we are achieving together.

Why me?

That is up to you to decide and resonate and feel that my services and or skills are what you are looking for in your life and how you would apply that I am the best selection for your desires and goals in you want to accomplish.


No range 2 people and up to large corporate speaking and functions.

Price: $3,500
Length: 6 Weeks
Meet: 3 times a week
Session length: 2 hours
Location: Zoom
Group size: 5 + 1 instructor
Payments: Paypal but prefer Payoneer

Why I’m passionate about this

Everything I do I thoroughly enjoy and I am naturally trained and refined in self-discipline and awareness to offer the best in my skills to contribute to society while enriching my life.

My student’s start point

Avid to skilled practitioner’s and or professionals

M y student’s endpoint

T o accomplish the best the lesson is based on in one unified principle for highest and best good achieving the highest potential in taking the journey with one’s self towards self-mastery in given roles and defines to projects relative to goals and potentials.

Results I’ve helped others achieve

New life, new love, better life and love for self-respect and goal achieving, best plans and improving their life, lifestyle and self personalization and enrichment.

Here’s what we’ll work on each week:

(this will be changed or varied per workshop or enrichment presentation it can include numerous different topics and journey endeavors and ventures depending on the selection. For now, we focus upon the lessons listed for the enrichment and personal enrichment, transformations, life enhancement, and some spirit courses)

Week 1

The basics of the lesson how it applies to you and what can be developed in the person’s own self/discovery- reflection and the personal journey we will map out, find needs/desires/purpose/clarity, and how and why they take the lesson to define it.

Week 2

Where the obstacles are, how and where the worksheet’s and second phase of the transformation and or lesson has blockages or needs refinement in how to design the next implementation phases (this depends on the course outline).

Week 3

Working on creative and aspirations, enjoyment of the imagination and creative development, improve and ideal alignment to how one can become the metamorphosis, personal style, and enrichment and where and how to implement the steps and procedure’s of the application, guide, advising or lessons/education to achieve benefits and long term results.

Week 4

Exploration, guided visual journeys self help one on one implementation (room for personal sessions can be applied with 1 on 1’s during this week). We will do enliven group ventures, support, and or student focus for mastermind/vision board and application design for creating and deriving, and achieving the goals set forth in the lesson module. We will and may take journeys and or special ventures to and for “class trips” location design for creative envisions. We may also do certification modules with online schools and then so we will base the lessons supporting this and how to implement the education into our lives.

Week 5

Checking into and designing strict regimen to finalize the lessons, have group or 1 on 1 (with me) or a class partner (with waiver) to define working in the class week to and for a study group and or networking building for projects and utilizing Talktime and other sources (personal enrichment and your own skills for your work and or life enrichment) to formulate creative strategy, finances, investments, expenses, and build your self into the manifestation and Self Mastery.

Week 6

We will specifically be designing the last phases for completing the designs/module’s/alignments and enrichments to provide outcomes and support, outreach, suppliers to the available support and benefactors and contributions we will choose upon the creative strategy, career classes, or education modules for personal advancement. In terms of the classes which will be geared for personal enrichment, we may have varied classes based on attendance and accordance with the scheduled events in previous class weeks.

My teaching style

Lecture-based module as some will require, storytelling, guide/advising, visual/screen share, slide share, meditative reflection, trance of me, videos, study group n class certification support and programs, calm, explorative, imaginative, creative, wonderment, puzzle/guessing, entertainment, mastermind.

Why me

I believe that people have a draw to what is best for them to decide how and if my skills and offering contributions shall be correct in beneficial for their life. Many times I do a screening and mini questionnaire for people to really decide if we are able to work together and how we can benefit together. I think it is important to value the people you work with so I want to make sure, moral, ethically, and personally, it is a good match to be blessed with what we can do together.

This includes, I honor when someone blesses me with a contribution and I take that seriously in terms of your money spent wisely. I do my utmost best to support that you reach your goals and will take my duty to do so in a proper exchange respectfully of both and or many parties involved. This is why I believe benefiting each other is never one-sided so I care to achieve the goals and aspirations with respect, time, value, and an equal strive and exchange in how the finances are applied and honored. This in terms helps me to respect others and myself in how to achieve in humanitarian ideals and limitless potentials, with the highest and best good.