Create order in your daily practices to create habitual success

Success begins at home!!

How can you expect success in your life if your home life, house and personal routines are chaotic?

After 25 years in the British Military, you first learn that you look after your own personal habits, space and attributes before you can contribute to the team. This is no different in civilian life. If you are a mess at home, leave everything to the last minute, have clutter everywhere, and can’t find a thing, whether clean underwear, a paperclip, or an important document then how can you apply the needed skills to your external life, school, job or business.

I operate from a organised, functional, habitual, structured routine. Starting simply with bed made, clothes hung or folded away, dishes and kitchen surfaces clean and tidy. This allows me to focus and concentrate, knowing the basics are in order and my full attention can be concentrated on the task ahead and then operating from a Present space, optimally making the best decisions I can.

This may sound petty, but an organised home breeds an organised mind. Creating the mindset of a professional. Then, when a hurdle or blockage comes up; for which they always will; you have time, space and present focus to deal with it completely. Then when you come home to this organised clean functional space your mind can relax, knowing everything is in order.

If you want or need help, or want to ask me a question about this philosophy then drop me a comment and lets work together to create the perfect environment or you to flourish and reach your true potential.

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